traag tot geen internet in de avonduren

  • 13 December 2022
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Hey @kalpik,  I cannot troubleshoot own equipment unfortunately. I am happy to start an investigation but during the investigation, I would like to ask you to connect only the Zyxel without your own peripherals. Please follow the tests in my previous comment with only the Zyxel connected. That way we can rule out the peripheral and see if it is down to our network yes or no. This could be many options and is very difficult for us to solve.


The problem that I see is that out of the 20-30 threads about this same issue, the only solution was to switch to another provider. So I am pretty sure the investigation will just be a waste of time. And thus, I would rather save time for all of us, and just terminate the connection. I am still within the 14 days period (my connection was only activated on the 1st of March). Could you please put in a request for disconnection without any penalties?


If you would like to solve it further, anyone who reads the threads about this issue can conclude that the problem is basically congestion on your own network. So if you instead of making customer run around in circles, invest some time in acknowledging the core issue and addressing it, maybe you can solve this issue once and for all.

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I’ll be honest, I was kind of ready to take some measurements for you, but this evening, I did not face the issue with the slow Internet. I will keep an eye on it.

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Keep me posted @kalpik

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Keep me posted @kalpik

Had the same issue today. I was not at home, but got notifications of internet being down. Checked my monitoring, and found the same again.


Can I please just get a cancellation since I am in the 14 day period (my connection started on 1st March). This is just a capacity problem on your network.

Overdag ondervind ik geen problemen met het internet. Wanneer ik het internet in de avond uren gebruik, tussen 19:00 tot ergens in de nacht, heb ik regelmatig problemen met nieuwe verbindingen. Wanneer er een verbinding is, kan er een snelheid behaald worden tot de 90-95Mbps. In de avond uren kan er geen Speedtest gedaan worden, want dan is er geen verbinding mogelijk.


Hetzelfde probleem in de regio Dordrecht. Gisteravond weer enkele uren lang veel te trage downloadsnelheden op locatie Sterrenburg te Dordrecht, waar tenminste 750 Mbps geleverd zou moeten worden volgens contract. Onderstaande metingen zijn gedaan vanaf de router:

- 19:30 Download 163 Mbps. Zie
- 20:30 Download 98 Mbps. Zie
- 21:30 Download 323 Mbps. Zie
- 22:30 Download 706 Mbps. Zie, dus bijna weer normaal

Daarvoor en daarna weer normaal (rond de 800 Mbps). Van mijn kant geen wijzigingen

De storing van gisteravond heb ik niet kunnen vinden op de storingspagina.


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Same problem again right now. Internet is really bad, works sometimes, and sometimes it’s unusable.


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And this is a laptop connected directly to your modem.


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As you can see, most of the packet loss is happening on, which is *outside* of my home. So this is definitely something up with your network, and not my home network.

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ipconfig output


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Once again internet is unusable. Happens almost every day.

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This is really ridiculous. I really cannot deal with not having internet for 2-3 hours every evening. This affects my work as well.

I please just beg you to cancel my subscription without a penality, since you are really not delivering working internet to me. Reminding you again that I'm within 14 days.

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Spoke to KPN, since I'm in bedenktijd, they will be arranging the cancellation from Odido. Got a connection date of 20th March from KPN. Called Odido to confirm this, and also to confirm that there will be no penalties since this is in bedenktijd.

It's just hilarious to see that KPN could help me wayyyy faster with this.

To Odido: please just acknowledge your capacity issues, and work on fixing them. Also, monitor your own systems, and don't rely on customers complaining about issues. You should know it faster than customers that something is going wrong. Also, don't treat technically capable people as idiots. I know what I was talking about, and there's enough evidence on the forum for anyone to conclude that this issue of bad internet in the evening is because of capacity issues on YOUR network, so please don't blame your customers for it.

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Just for closure on this one, I have now switched back to KPN, and I have ZERO issues with the SAME router and the SAME ONT. So the problem definitely lies with Odido, and for anyone who has this problem, there is NO solution provided by Odido, since they do not want to acknowledge this as a problem in the first place. The only solution is to switch to another provider.