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  • 14 November 2021
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Dear community,
I own a VMG8825-T50 router from Zyxel; some functions on the router are not available (I see them in the user manual, but not on the web interface).
Is it possible for you to make me a account with elevated rights?
I need to use the "routing", "vlan group", and "interface grouping" menu's under network setting.
Otherwise, can you at least create a static route for me, so I can extend my lan with another router/subnet?
Thanks a lot!


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Hi @Curtius28 welkome at the community.

The admin rights of the Zyxell router are not accesible by customers. But you can use your own router as many of us do. See this topic.

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Hello @Curtius28 

So if you have Fiber you can connect your router straight to the mediaconverter without the Zyxel, with DSL you can install you router behind the Zyxel.

You can create a static route yourself by using statische DHCP under menu, netwerkinstellingen, thuisnetwerk, statische DHCP.

Or you can adjust the DHCP poule under menu, netwerkinstellingen, thuisnetwerk, LAN configuratie , set begin to for example so IP addresses t/m can be used for static routes.

If you are a new customer then you will only need VLAN 300 for internet and IPTV if configuring your own router instead of the Zyxel.

EDIT | sorry I thought static route and static IP addres was the same, my bad 😅