Modem and SFP registration

  • 21 May 2024
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I called customer service to register my new modem and SFP, and they advised me to use the community forum, I wonder who from Odido can help me.

Thanks in advance


Beste antwoord door Tommie van Odido 22 May 2024, 10:54

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Hi @safeith, welcome to our Community!

I can help you with that. Would you send me a private message with your postcode, house number, date of birth and the last four digits of your account number? Please also send me the S/N of your own ONT. As soon as I find the time, I will respond and then we will schedule a day and time to register it. For this we need about 20 minutes, suppose your ONT does not come online then I will have to register our ONT again otherwise you will be without internet.



Hi Tommie,

Thanks for replying, I just sent the required info in a PM.

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Thanks @safeith

It seems @Tommie van Odido is not available in these days; Is there any of moderators who can help me?


He registered my modem, but the modem could not connect while all setting seemed to be correct!



The FritzBox support also replaced my modem with a new once to make sure that there is not a hardware issue

Hi @Cal van Odido 

Would you please take look at this; since @Tommie van Odido is sway?

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@safeith Thank you for reaching out about this again. Of course, I will gladly look into the situation for you. 

Can you please send me the serial number and MAC address of the router/ONT in a private message? I will make the arrangements voor you tomorrow! 

Hi @Teresa van Odido 

I sent it in a private message.


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@safeith Thank you! I will take a look at the situation. As soon as I know more, I will let you know! 


@Teresa van Odido, and @Tommie van Odido Thanks for helping me on this issue.

I just found a workaround to enable direct fiber optic on FritzBox 5590 (XGS-PON), I am sharing details here, and I hope it will help you for more investigation.

As you see in the following image, the connection between the modem and the FTU box is gray.


I was checking the options located on I saw the following option and enabled it.

After enabling it; I checked the fiber status page and I found the connection green!


When I found it green, I called the Helpdesk, and they registered my modem ID through back-office, and I am online with direct fiber connection.


I hope this would help you, to find the root cause of the issue.


Best regards