Blanked out numbers on the invoice for mobile phone

  • 26 October 2023
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Hi! I have a question about the invoice specification. On the list of calls made some numbers are listed normally and some end in **** instead in normal number. So, they’re missing last 4 digits. Why is that so? It’s not on all phone numbers, most of them are listed normally. 


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Yes, that is possible. The people who these nummers are from instructed that their nummers are now allowed to appear in invoices for the people who called them.

If you do not want your number to be displayed on invoices of other people,  you can apply for this protection at Odido customer care. The list is (automatically) shared between all operators.

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Hello @zitap 

the owners of those numbers have chosen to not let their number be visible on the invoice of others.

Thanks for the quick help! I had no idea this existed!