Cannot connect to wifi point

  • 24 March 2023
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I followed all the instructions but can't connect to the wifi point. The instructions tell me to connect the wifi point to the router and then once the data is collected, disconnect from router and try the wifi point somewhere else. As soon as I do that, there is no internet from wifi point. I'm fed up with the customer service. Instead of helping me they sent another wifi point to me. If they keep on doing it, I'm better off using ziggo


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Hello @Simar139 

If you follow all steps in this topic it should work, also try to place the WiFi point closer to the router.

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Hi @Simar139

If you put your customer ID in your profile (only visible for TMNL employees) we can have a look at it. 

Also connect the Wfi point wth a cable and leave it like that so we can connect to it to check it :)