Somethis if not right with my switch to XGS-PON

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Today my fiber connection is to be switched from my current 1G AON connection to the new 8G XGS-PON.

New Odido XGS-PON ONT didn’t arrive yet (in couple of hours it will), so, at home I still have my previous setup with BiDi SFP module.

Technician came and told me that he changed connection on the provider side, but as I don’t have new ONT we can not check 8G yet, but as my internet working, then everything is OK.

But from my perspective, if he would really change my connection to XGS-PON, my current AON setup would not be working anymore. And I wrong in this assumption?


Beste antwoord door Tommie van Odido 28 May 2024, 11:00

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Hello @antst 

If an AON SFP is used on a XGSPON connection it shouldn't work.

Yep, this is also my assumption, aside of AON vs XGSPON tech, there are even different light wavelengths used.

So, then technician didn’t connect me to XGSPON, but he probably connected someone else, who does not have internet right now.

I received new ONT. And as it was expected, it does not work. LOS blinks once per 2 sec, which means it does not sense light. (which is not strange, taking into account that different wavelength is in cable. So, my question is what to do now? :)

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Have you filled in your klantnummer in your community profile? A moderator can than swnd the technician again for you.

Yes, I filled client number.

now I am calling support. But this is always painful :)

because I know beforehand the answer. And it is always a problem.

clearly, fiber connected wrongly, if AON setup still works, and XGSPON not.

And, at the end of the day, phone support, no matter what, insisted on visit of technician to my house to “connect new ONT”…..

which will be, I guess, next week. And only then it will come to the point of fixing patching in the PoP.

And for now, I am reverting back to AON stuff. Good that I have at least something working :)


Story does not end :(

technician came, seen than ONT does not sense light, called someone and they sorted out that, indeed, on other side fiber it isn’t patched properly. Told  me “writhing next 3 days they will patch”, and left. 
but as turned out, that “one” on other side of a phone disabled my AON internet.

light is here, BiDi module establish connection. But DHCP can’t get IP address anymore.

So, now I am without any internet at all. Nice!

and I need to work (read “I need internet”)

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Can you check if the XGSPON ONT works?

Didn’t work 15 min ago or so.

And unlikely work now, as AON BiDi module still establishes connection with BiDi module on other side. It just  connection is not switching/routing further.

once connection will be properly patched, BiDi module will loose connection.

Rechecked again, zero.

i guess i will keep rechecking every couple of hours for next 3 days….

I already regret all this idea to switch to 8G subscription 

Anybody from Odido here? Is there any way to enable at least my old AON connection back (100% it is software thingy, not physical) without need to wait another 3 days for another technician?

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Hi @antst, I'd be happy to give you some clarification on this. You indeed had PtP AON, if XGS-PON is possible on an AON connection then you will be switched to XGS by default. Since you have now requested 8 Gbit/s, a few things are required. You will receive an ONT instead of the Mediaconverter and Guidion is needed to install the ONT and to patch you into the district exchange. It is not possible to go back to AON.



@Tommie van Odido

I got new ONT, but they didn't repatch fiber in point of presence last Wednesday (they were supposed, they thought they did, but, probably, they patched someone else by mistake). So, my old AON kept working. But yesterday, while they came to me again and was checking and, indeed, realized that I was right and fiber was not patched to optical splitter in PoP and still patched to AON, they disabled (by accident or by intention) my AON also. (not physically, logically, by software configuration on provider side switches/routers). So, now I have situation  when my AON doesn't work anymore logically (although physical connection is there and working, my BiDi module establishes connection with remote side), and XGS-PON can not work, as it requires fiber to be repatched physically (“somewhere later this week”). So, I am in work struggle without internet. And I really have hard time to understand, why they disabled my working AON, knowing that it will result in no internet at all.

Possibly, for whatever reasons, they “tied” my internet to MAC address of newly received router (yes, router, Zyxel) , at least technician unpacked router and dictated by phone this MAC to someone on other side, while there is no single logical reason why this MAC should be relevant on other side. And I was not even going to unpack this router, as I am never going to use it anyway (last time I used providers router like 15 years ago).

so, physically I am still connected to physically working AON infrastructure (there is still “light in fiber”, and my AON transceiver  can establish and negotiate optical connection), it just IP is not working (no answers to my DHCP requests). They disabled either on switch/router of whatever, but not in point of presence, it was done remotely. And if it is unclear, when physically my fiber will be patched to XGS-PON splitter, I would prefer if I would be able to use present AON connection. I am pretty sure, if it was matter of minute to disable it remotely, it is also matter of minute to enable it back :) As there is no single reason why I should not have it. After all, the fact that we will die at some point is not a reason to not live now :)

to be honest, it is really getting annoying.

Last wednesday I was trying to convince technician that he didn't patch fiber to splitter, as otherwise my AON would stop to work, but he was insisting “if it works, then everything is alright!” (this is why I asked question in first post).

Then yesterday, instead of fixing (patching to splitter), they completely broke what at least worked.


And if it were matter of watching youtube, I’d say “who cares”, but I can’t work, and mobile connection is not enough for me.

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Hey @antst, I fully understand your sentiment in this and this should have gone right the first time. At the moment, there is nothing I can do for you and we will have to wait for the ticket that the technician has put in. I see they did give you a 4g modem? 

Nope, nobody gave me 4g modem. First time I hear about this. I got only ONT and T-56.

if I had not even 4g modem (as I have one myself) but spare 4g sim-kart with big data bundle , I’d be way more relaxed ))

@Tommie van Odido can you say, what is panned? Patching my fiber to xgs-pon splitter or restoring my AON for time being?

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They cannot restore the AON @antst. They already started the work for patching to XGS-PON. Your ticket is still open, once they get to it they will contact you with more information!

4 days without internet, and looking at time, it is unlikely to change today….

Day 5 and counting…

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Hi @antst ,

What you do is topic bumping. It is against this forum policy and does not help your case. On a forum, active topics, like what you do, are lowered in the attention lists for moderators. This is because on a forum customers talk to customers.  If the topic is active, there is less need for interference of a moderator.