Changing my order (Double topic)

  • 21 February 2024
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Heyy, i ordered the pink iPhone 13 128gb on the 19th f February and its only available from the 4th of March. Is it possible to change my order to the black one that is currently available??


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Hello @Dumii 

A moderator can cancel this order for you and than you can order the black iPhone 13.

Have you filled in your klantnummer in your community profile?

Noo and which moderator can i contact


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What do you mean by noo? Changing the iPhone is not possible I think so cancelling and ordering again is an option.

A moderator will reply here once they read your post, kindly wait.

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Hi guys, I'm just seeing this topic now. Everything is settled in this topic: Delivery time iPhone 13 | Odido community 😄

This topic will be closed!