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  • 24 March 2023
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I am trying to install a dsl router but i am not sure how to connect the telephone line to the adaptor that came with the router set un box. Not even sure if this is the telephone line but cant seem to find any other possibilities. How would the cables be connected?.

This is the adaptor on the set up box
What i think is the telephone line

Thanks in advance


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@Jaime de Salas Have you also checked the fuse box? Usually the original ISRA-point is in here with the right cables. I also see that the line is not activated yet on your address. This will happen on March 30th. So good to know that the internet will not work after installation before this date. We also have the manual for the DSL installation, you can find it here: thuis-handleiding-dsl-snel-van-start--zyxel.pdf ( I'm sure you manage the installation, I have all faith in you! 😁 

But if you still can't figure this out after the steps in the manual, please let us know here and we will help you out!

I have checked the fusebox and it does not seem to be there. Could you confirm if the cable sent on the comment above is indeed the ISRA-point and in that case what cables would i have to connect to the adaptor above?

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Hi @Jaime de Salas, this definitely looks like the ISRA, but I can't say for sure. Can you tell if it looks like it's supposed to be the main ISRA @Waqqas

Thanks for the info. Do you know what the colour code wiring is on that cable? And which ones should I connect to the adaptor?

Thanks again.

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Hello @Jaime de Salas 

It looks like a cable for electrical use to me, if you cannot find anything of these anywhere in your house :

Do you perhaps see a cable in this mantle in the fusebox or in the crawl space?


I do not have any of the connections on the top image and cannor seem to see a cable of that sort in the fuse cabinet. Is there any solution?

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@Jaime de Salas

Since you were able to order DSL internet, there should be a connection somewhere. there's an option to ask for a technician so he can locate and repair the ISRA.

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Hi @Jaime de Salas, thanks for your efforts to try to locate the ISRA point! I've gone ahead and contacted the network operator KPN for you. They will contact you soon on your mobile phone for an appointment during which they will visit your home to find the cables and construct a connection point. 

I'll get this arranged, you should be able to enjoy Internet soon! 😃

Hi, KPN contacted me to arrange an appointment and the appointemnt was supposed to be yesterday and no one showed up. I know they are another organization but cannot seem to contact them, is there any way you can help me?

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Hi @Jaime de Salas, good that you post a message in this topic and I’m sorry that KPN did not show up! I immediately wanted to get clarity for you and arrange a new appointment. However, I was happy to see that you already managed to make a new appointment with KPN on Monday the 3rd of April between 15:00 - 17:00.

As it is taking longer than expected I would really like to offer you a temporary solution in the form of extra data, but I was unable to find any T-Mobile, Ben or Tele2 subscription linked to your household. If you do happen to have one of these three as your mobile provider, please feel free to let me know.

For now, I have faith that this second time around KPN will follow through on their promise and fix the connection for you!

I do not happen to have any of those as my mobile provider anyway thanks for the arrangement.


Also is there any cost for the KPN appointment?


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@Jaime de Salas 

Since the provider has sent the technician there will be no costs for the appointment 🙂

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A small addition to @Waqqas's reaction: we cover almost all costs which KPN makes. Although it's extremely uncommon, some unique situations has not covered by us and KPN will let you know before starting with their work. If this is the case, you can decide to cancel the order for free. The only thing you would need to consider is that almost all provider make use of the internet lines of KPN. Usually, the only alternative is Ziggo's cable network. We would love to offer you this network as an alternative, but they have a monopoly on the cable network.

Don't worry about this disclaimer though, like I said this situation is extremely unique and I fully expect that KPN can help you entirely free of charge! 😃