Cannot see my new data in My T-Mobile Thuis

  • 13 October 2022
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I had  a T-mobile house internet subscription  about 3 years ago. Two years ago I closed it. Afterwards I moved to another address and last summer I got a new subscription with T-mobile house internet. However whenever I try to login to my-T-Mobile I see my old information; old house address, closed subscription etc. So looks like my new data has not been mapped to my-T-mobile database. Obviously I cannot see my bills, my new subscription. Can you please help me to fix this?


Thanks in advance


Beste antwoord door Cal van Odido 14 October 2022, 09:18

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Hey @erguler,

Thanks for notifying the Community, this is something that I’ll gladly help you with!

I took a dive in our systems and changed the email address of your old account to your old @t-mobilethuis email address. Now, you can use your private email address to log in to your new account by requested a password via the following link: Inloggegevens Opvragen. 

Feel free to let me know if there’s anything else. Have fun with your account! 😉

Hi Cal,

Thank you for your quick response. I followed the steps and requested a new password. Next I logged in and  tried to add my existing  ‘thuis internet subscription’ by giving my house address and my birthday. However I got an error as “Sorry, er is iets fout gegaan. Probeer het later nog eens.”



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Hi @erguler,

It is helpful that you wrote down all the steps you took, thanks! For some reason I’m also having trouble to access your account and I suspect that the connection with your T-Mobile Mobile subscription is not working properly. Could you send me your T-Mobile Mobile number via a private message? It seems that the number you provided us a contact number is from a different provider.

I’m curious to see what’s up with your account!