Wifi working really slow

  • 8 June 2021
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I have had really bad wifi since Saturday. I called at T-mobile around 3 times, one time i was told somebody will come over to take a look as there might be a problem with my connection cable. I still have not received an SMS to make an appointment. I called again today tried to solve it with the employee on the phone,  restart the router, factory reset, etc. Nothing worked too improve internet speed. 

I have done the speed test and this is how slow internet was. It is almost inexistent. It is truly unacceptable, some people need to work from home now and having internet and wifi is really important. Now then what happens now? 


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Hello @RDG02 

Do you have fiber or DSL and what about a wired connection? Does it have the same results or not?

DSL. I have tried wired connection, but is also working slow.

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Is your modem directly connected to the main ISRA?

And what type of ISRA do you have?