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  • 5 October 2020
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Greetings (apologies for English).

My situation:
At my home (Apartment building) there is no “access point” except coaxial cable (which I assume is given by the KPN as a network infrastructure provider). Since I live in the apartment building I do not have the access to the other points( where internet reaches the building). Thus the only thing I do have is coaxial cable in my home. (I have disassembled the part, and verified that it is the only thing there).

Morevoer, I have been instructed to contact Guideon (monteur), but to no avail. I have spent roughly 4-5 hours trying to reach someone in the last 3+ weeks, but the phone keeps ringing.
So at the present moment I’m paying for a service I do not have, and trying to fix it so far got me no where. Could You please provide me where to look, or who to contact since I do need stable internet connection?



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Hi @Lukin,

Thanks for alerting me about the issue you're experiencing! Don't worry, I'll make sure that all our subscription fees are credited for the time that you couldn't use our internet once this issue is resolved. 

If I understand you correctly, you're currently living on addition X in an apartment building with the same house number? It seems that there is only one DSL cable running to your apartment building, and thus it will likely only connect to an ISRA-point in a central room as no additions are supported.

Therefore I am quite sure that everyone in your apartment building has a subscription with Ziggo. Unfortunately they have a monopoly on the COAX cable, and thus we are not allowed to provide services over this alternative technology. 

Please let me know if it's indeed the case that you are living on an addition, and that all your neighbors are provided with internet via Ziggo, and I will cancel your subscription for free. In that scenario it would frankly be impossible, or really expensive, to get connected to the DSL network, as a completely new internet line needs to be constructed. Rather, it would be wiser to take a temporary subscription with Ziggo, until we are close to connecting you on our planned fiber network in Eindhoven in 2021, which is much cheaper and faster than both the DSL and COAX cable.

I'd be happy to help out if there's anything else, and I hope we will be able to quickly connect you to our fiber network in Eindhoven next year! 


No, my studio is “standalone” (converted office spaces). I will check out with my neighbours and let You know asap.
Moreover, I have taken this deal only because I also receive “mobile abonnement”, thus my bill for the  month is 50$, if I have to cancel my home subscription then I would also like to cancel my phone subscription since the original deal is not worth it. Is that possible?

1 more question. I have constant drop of T-mobile signal (4g) on my phone where I have to constantly reset it or “flush it”. Is there a guide you might have for situations like these? or if You could point me towards where to look/ask?


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Hi @Lukin, so sorry for keeping you waiting this long! Our usual ETA is somewhere between 24 to 48 hours, but due to the amount of topics, it's been delayed a little. 

Anyway, back on topic: I'll forward your questions to our mobile department considering this is the Thuis (Home) section. Your questions will be answered shortly, thanks for being so patient with us!

Any news from the mobile department?