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  • 27 September 2021
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I moved to new house and so requested to move my T-mobile thuis internet.

But for more than 10 days, my internet is  not working since I moved and looks like it will not work for days. 
When I opened my ticket, firstly T-mobile mechanic came to home and said "yes, the modem is installed correctly, no signal indoor. Main provider KPN will come to your house to fix it"

After 1 week later after I called Tmobile CC, I learned that KPN closed the case because they saw the circuit was active. 
I said to CC "no, still it is not working, no signal. KPN should have come to the house, why did not you take care of it with them?"
CC personal checked my MAC address and told me "there is a mixed up with MAC, that is why KPN saw it was working. We will open ticket to KPN etc " again the same process, same waiting times...
I was sent also again an sms to sechedule a Tmobile mechanic. I called again CC and explicitly asked “why are you sending Tmobile technician? my problem is not with the installation" CC said to me “he will fix any problem.”

and of course the mechanic came and just looked at the modem and said "yes it is correctly installed"

I asked "then, why did you come if you will not do anything". All he could say was that he was going to report the problem was with indoor, KPN would come."

the same steps again and again, I called today CC and and I was told that the issue is on the Backoffice now, and will be escalated to KPN.
But no definite time when it will be passed to KPN, when KPN will look at it and of course if they do see a problem, when they will schedule a time to come, days, weeks? 

I can understand there may be delay with KPN but cant understand to escalate the same problem twice to KPN. And also it is unreasonable for my issue to be waiting still backoffice?

Also, my one-year contract had ended but I learned that I have got again one year contact due to my order for movement? I do not want to use Tmobile service anymore and to pay any cost for that. 
Please terminate my service without any cost. I am working home, but because my Tmobile service is broken, not able to work anymore at home. 


Thank you, 


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Hi @zafer turkmen, welcome to the Community!

First of all, I'm very sorry to hear that your connection hasn't been fixed yet, that's not very pleasant when working from home and that's an understatement. Also, congratulations on your new home!

Usually tickets are processed withing four to six days, depending on both the urgency and the matter at hand. Because a technician has requested our grid operator (KPN) to proceed with resolving the issue, it can take a little bit longer. That's not to say it won't be processed quicker than those four to six days, but merely an explanation as to why it might take some time before your connection has been stabilized and you'll be back online again. 

I'll definitely try and push your case to the front of the queue, but please understand that I can't make any guarantees. If you, understandably, still want to cancel the contract, I'll gladly, but sadly, help you of course. Please let me know if I can help you with that request.

Finally, once again my sincerest apologies for not having delivered a working subscription yet, on behalf of the whole team at Thuis. I hope your move has been successful apart from this issue.

Hi Jason,

Technically, I am happy with my T-mobile internet, no issue with speed, connection etc so far. I understand it may take time when 3rd party company get involved but doing the same steps again has made me frustrated. I appreciate your help.


Thank you.