ERROR message everytime while trying to watch TV

  • 28 July 2017
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Hello and first of all sorry for writting in english as my dutch is not good yet. Since I connected our TV receiver today I got the log in mask and it shows me the show that is running, but I cannot see it. The screen keeps black and at the beginning I get always the error "Er heeft zich een fout voor gedaan tijdens het afspelen. Probeer het alstublieft later nog een keer". I had a call with your hotline at 12 am and they told me the TV is in maintanance until 4 pm. Now it is past midnight and the receiver is still showing the error. Please help me, Im getting frustrated.

Thank you in advance! :)

Kind Regards

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have you tried to rest the TV box?
i have Horizon from Ziggo, i have had the same problem in the past.
after i pulled out the power connector, waited for 30 seconds and plugged it back in, it worked again for me.
maybe you could try that. tough i dont belive that it's "healthy" for your tv box, so you shouldn't do it on a daily bases...
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Hi Empuries.

An error message isn't what you want to see when you turn on the TV, but usually its easily fixed. We have a topic regarding all possible error messages on our TV Box. The error message you see can be fixed following the steps in this topic about Blokkerig of haperend beeld op TV. Since it's all Dutch, I'll give you a quick runthrough here. ;)

Basically we want to know what causes the bad signal. First off the signal from outside. Is your internet up to speed? Is the speed on your computer with a wired connection okay? Either way a reset of the modem can do no harm. Unplug the powercord for about ten seconds of your white modem. Then check the cable between the modem and the black TV Box. Check if the connection is direct, so disconnect all extra adapters or other hardware. Then reset the TV Box by unplugging the powercord for ten seconds as well. If you still see a warped image, is the menu shown correctly or is this also affected?

Good luck! Can you keep us posted? 🙂
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@basss37, thanks for you reply! A reset of the box itself doesn't do much harm. If you have to use it on a daily basis, it goes to show something else might be the issue. It's best to fix that issue.

It's always great to see people helping out! 😃
Hi guys,

thanks for your replies! But unfortunately nothing help.

What I did until now.

1. To reset the router
2. Speed with wire is 8 MB
3. I removed the powercord of the TV Box and plugged it after 10 seconds
4. I did the same, but instead 10 seconds with 30 seconds

All that doesnt have any affect. Its still black. I have to say, Telekom can just provide 16 MB to our house. As our house has 300 qm we loose almost 50% of the performance. But 8 MB should be enough, shouldnt be it?

I will make a call to the support hotline again as Im desperate now. :D

Thank you guys for helping!
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Hi Empuries, that doesn't sound too good. The speed of your line should be a little higher. I have to check your connection and I probably need a speedtest. Could you send me your zipcode, house number and last four digits of your bankaccount in a privébericht?

Dear, couldn't watch the TV because of error message, so tried to reset TV box but now it seems TV box never switch off with t-mobile home remote control and still no TV connection.

I tried every advice but nothing work for me.

Please help me out to fix TV issue asap...

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Hey @BC Ryu,

I see that you have already been in contact with our customer service. If you have any questions, I am ready for you!