No internet for over a month now.

  • 13 December 2022
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We switched to T-Mobile at the start of October and half the time of our contract so far we are with no internet at all most of the days and the days that it comes back up it is terrible. I have called customer service more than 20 times, 3 technicians have been here and the issue is not coming from the house (obviously since I had another provider before with fiber optic connection and it was working perfectly fine for a year). Every time I keep waiting and waiting for back office to move my ticket, every time I have to wait for days to even have a reaction and in the end there has been no solution. 

I cannot work, I cannot enjoy my free time with video games (only netflix with hotspot) and recently I made a request in customer service to terminate my contract WITHOUT any further obligation from me (fee) since T-Mobile CLEARLY can’t provide the service I am paying. (Yes they keep charging me normally, even though I have no internet). The person on the phone told me they would send a request but I have received no answer whatsoever. 

Literally been held hostage in this contract that lasts a year and we are in the first 3 months filled with problems. I would like someone to please end my subscription asap (without me paying the cancellation fee) since you cannot provide the service your contracts clearly states. I will be forced to take legal action and yes I do know my rights as a customer. 


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Hi @sinnika, thanks a lot for sharing your story on the Community! I'm really sorry to read your experience, because this isn't the experience we wanted to hear from you. I want to let you know that I asked one of my colleagues if there is another way to chase these issues for you, because you already had 3 technicians come by. I really want a solution for the problems that you're experiencing.

I also want to check the commitment you made with one of my colleagues, but I can't see a log from this conversation. Do you know the first name of the colleague that told you about the request? If not, I will discuss this with one of my colleagues. But first of all I would love to check if there is anything else that I can do to fix this for you. 

I did not ask for a name unfortunately, I called also yesterday again and another one of your colleagues told me that he could not see it, so he said he would do it again and I will receive confirmation of the request but I haven’t received nothing yet. I have asked 3 of the customer service employees to make a request of cancellation without the penalty and every time I call back to check, I find out the request was never made. This is beyond unacceptable at this point. Thank you for your answer and willingness to help, however honestly it’s been more than enough time without any solution, so I would just like what I requested. 

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Hi @sinnika, thank you for letting me know! I discussed the situation with one of my colleague and even though we really want to find a solid solution for your problems, we want to make an exception and give you the opportunity to cancel the contract without any costs. This really is an exception, but we think this is fair because of the experiences that you've had. Again I'm really sorry and I hope that you can join T-Mobile voor thuis again in the future. Please let me know the date that you want to cancel the contract so I can arrange this for you. 

Thank you for your help. It makes no difference for me since the internet is inactive. I would say as soon as possible would be the best. Will I get an email with information about it etc. so I am aware of the end date?

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Hi @sinnika, you're very welcome! Thanks for letting me know, totally clear. I just arranged this for you. Your contract will be ceased per 17-12-2022. You will also receive an e-mail with the confirmation about this and with instructions to send back the equipment. I wish you all the best and already a Merry Christmas! 🎄