eSIM cannot connect to network abroad (within EU)

  • 18 October 2021
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To my understanding, my unlimited subscription should allow me 21GB of data in EU countries. However, my eSIM is not able to connect to the Hungarian networks, be it manual or automatic. Note that my issue isn't just no data, I literally cannot connect to the network, and thus I can't use the dial-to-enable codes.


I've checked my account settings and as far as I can see everything is how it should be. I've tried restarting the phone and disabling and enabling roaming data through the device settings & the My T-Mobile app.


As a point of reference, I have a Pixel 5 and trying a local SIM card allows connection perfectly fine. This is a pretty urgent issue as I need my network connection throughout my stay.


All the best!



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Hello @bczsalba 

Here you can see to which networks you can connect in Hongaria.

Have you paid all invoices and have you checked for barrings in your T-Mobile account?

If you are a new customer (2 months or fewer) than your connection will not work yet outside the Netherlands..

Just coming up on my 2 months, so that's probably it. I was told the period would only be 1 month, but I guess not. Thank you!



It's been over 2 months, and I still do not have roaming. I depend on having this feature for my stay.


Thank you for your help,


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Could you send me a private message with your phone number, date of birth, full address and last four digits of your bank account info? Then I can check if there is still a barring or if anything else is going on.

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Hi @bczsalba,

Thanks for the info in the private message! 

I’ve checked your account and the barring was still active. I think this would have been removed after the weekend, but why wait? So, I manually removed the barring, since the two month period is already over. If you reboot your smartphone, you should be good to go!

Thank you so much!

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Not a problem, have a good Sunday!