The minimum internet speed is not reached.

  • 27 November 2018
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Unfortunately, but after many measurements through the LAN cable, and the Wi-Fi connection at 2.4GHZ, and 5GHZ in none of these could not reach even 50mb. The internet I ordered was 100mb - I checked availability on the KPN website, and your T-Mobile, where it was clearly written that the availability is 100mb. I made 8 measurements via DSL cable, all showed 47mb. Is it possible to change it in some way? From what I noticed on your website, you can file a complaint without reaching 75% of the ordered internet speed.

Regards Kamil

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Hi Kamil,

Can you show (by photographs) how your modem is connected to the mail DSL line? In Dutch it's called ISRA punt. Bad quality cabling can lower DSL speed.

Regards, Folkert
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Welcome Kamil,

When has T-Mobile Thuis been installed? It may take a couple of days to improve after installation. This is normal.

Just to be sure: did you order 100 Mbit or did you in fact order 50Mbit with the upgrade of 'Klantvoordeel'? If it applies to 'Klantvoordeel'; Has klantvoordeel been approved in your 'Mijn T-Mobile Thuis'?
Thank you for the very quick response, I'm impressed.

I am already sending a photo. This connection was made by a specialist from KPN who my neighbor ordered. Of course, I also needed help from your specialist who also connected to the same connection as KPN. I asked the neighbor about his connection with KPN, because he is connected to the same ISRA punt, his internet is around 60 to 80mb.

The internet was made last week. From the very beginning 100mb internet was ordered, because it was available in your offer for mine location.

(mine cabel is black)

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Hi faras90, thank you for the pictures, that looks fine! I just checked your incoming line and even though 100 Mbps should be available currently only around 50 Mbps is coming in. We've started an investigation to see what we can do to improve this and our network specialists will contact you (through e-mail)!
Hello, I received an email from your specialist. The problem lies in the link (which is the KPN's own and is shared with the neighbor - the last visit of your monteur was a problem with the neighbor's network). I got tips on how to fix it myself, unfortunantly I can not ingest on this link alone because it is very possible that i will damaged link of neighbors as your monteur did on last visit (the guy was from Guidion). I am want to ask for sending someone with the permission of KPN, to fix the ISRA-punt - because they are the owners of that punt and also they make that thing.
"We hebben elkaar gesproken, toen je belde met T-Mobile Thuis Klantenservice. We hebben geconstateerd dat een ‘bridge tap’ (aftakking van het ISRA-punt) de oorzaak is van de problemen die je ervaart."
They send me to this page:
But i just dont get it, how to make this happend without any problems to neighbors connect. Regards
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Hi faras90, I'm happy to provide you with more information! Our network technicians established that there is a so called 'bridge tap' at your address. This is a split in the network AFTER your ISRA-point. This means that your incoming line is fine but the line is split somewhere in your house (think of it as similar to a problem with the electricity in your house). This is not something we or KPN can fix but you can either try and fix this yourself or you can contact a mechanic to come fix this for you (and your neighbours) similar to calling an electrician. Our installation partner Guidion also does this on private request but they will charge you for this. You can contact them through 088 2000 151 if you want to use them or you can contact another company of your choosing.
Hello, thank you for the answer. Only two DSL cables are connected to the ISRA point, which are directly connected to the modems - my from T-Mobile and the neighbor's modem from KPN. There is no branching, everything is directly connected to the modems, so I do not understand where the AFTER ISRA-point problem may be, as you described it.
Suppose I would like to use services - how much does it cost?
And if i will reduce the internet speed in the T-Mobile Thuis to 50mb, the speed I have now, that is, 47mb will still be? Or it will be lower?
Regards Kamil
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Hi Kamil, the cost for the service depends a bit on the time the mechanic needs but since it's not a service we provide I'm not entirely sure about the cost. You can contact Guidion for an initial indication though! Lowering your speed to 50 Mbps will lower the cap to this maximum so it should not effect the current speed of 47 Mbps. However the bridge tap will still be present and might cause other problems in the future (mainly signal interference) so I would advise you to get it checked out. If you want to lower the speed to 50 Mbps for now you can do this through My T-Mobile Thuis and I'm happy to do it for you as well!
Hi Brian,
Where is this Bridge Tap, if only the modem is connected after ISRA-point? Modem causes this problem? You wrote that this problem lies AFTER the ISRA connection, but after that there is only modem connected. No telephone, no TV - I am very curious and would gladly try to fix it by myself.
Honestly, I'd rather fix it and have those 100mb, than have a 50mb problem if I slow down.
Regards Kamil
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can you connect the modem using the wirres that came whit the box ?
Currently there are 2 cables in your isra and only one is connected to the modem.
The black one doesn't meet the DSL standard for sure. the white one i can't tell from here.
This white cable is from neighbor who has internet from KPN - it is directly connected to the his modem. This black one, which is directly connected to my modem - I will add that this cable I got from your specialist. Unfortunately, the cable I received from you in the box is too short to be able to use it correctly at home - but I made the test of course on this cable, the speed was the same.
It was checked by your specialist on this cable from you, 2.4GHz band where the speed test showed about 30mb (on 5GHz its about 48mb) - the question why it is not even ensured the minimum speed of 75%, specialist answered that on the LAN cable I really get such speed - of course for sure I checked, the max is 48mb.
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It was checked by your specialist on this cable from you, 2.4GHz band where the speed test showed about 30mb (on 5GHz its about 48mb) - the question why it is not even ensured the minimum speed of 75%, specialist answered that on the LAN cable I really get such speed - of course for sure I checked, the max is 48mb.

Hey faras90, yes you should receive full speed with a LAN cable. Wifi speed, depends on many factors so that speed could be a little bit lower than your subscription. Of course we've some tips and tricks to speed up your Wifi.
I understand, then why is the speed on the LAN cable equal to 48mb?
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@faras90 could you please perform a factory reset on your router? Afterwards I'll have a look in your modem and see if I can find any problems. The speed should be higher.
I checked the connection once again by directly connecting your DSL cable from the cardboard I received from you with the modem. He could not find a connection at all, and I waited about 15 minutes - in turn, when I connected the black one, which supposedly did not meet DSL requirements, he connected after 2 minutes. What's going on here and could you call a fitter? This "fun" is already a bit too long, and I pay for something that I do not have...
Please explain to me what will change the modem reset, when there nothing has been changed except login and password?
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I zoomed into your ISRA foto, but is it correct there is a loose green wire on terminal 2A?

Yes, i checked again and this cable is loose - monteur make it like this, so i was thinking that connection is good, i'm not a specialist at all.
Here are more photos:

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Hi @faras90, thank you for the clarification! I've contacted our back office with the request to contact the grid operator so they can send over a mechanic to restore the ISRA. My colleagues will contact you within five workdays!
finally, some specific information, thank you very much!
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You're welcome @faras90! I'm keeping an eye out to see the assignment get's picked up properly. There is some discussion on whether or not this is an issue on the customer side or on the grid operator side (which goes through us) and I've stressed again that a mechanic needs to be sent over. I will keep you informed and I expect to have more information soon (hopefully tomorrow).
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Hi @faras90, we have contacted the grid operator about the issue and I expect them to contact you for an appointment. I will contact you as soon as we receive word from the grid operator!