internet light is Red and No Internet Connection

  • 18 August 2022
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Hello, we have been experiencing “No internet” for 2 days and even though we tried all possibilities it is not fixed yet. 

i have seen that this is kinda common problem and appear suddenly as exactly how happened in our case. 

Here are the pictures and please do not hesitate to support or guide us for the solution. 

thanks in advance. 


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15 reacties

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Hello @sedog 

Is the PON light blinking on the mediaconverter and is the internet cable connected to the WAN port of your router?

If PON is not blinking then try to connect the router directly to the mediaconverter with an internet cable.



Is the PON light blinking on the mediaconverter? 


is the internet cable connected to the WAN port of your router?


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In case of a blinking PON light there could be a jammer on the T-Mobile network, once that jammer gets removes you should have a working internet connection again.

Thank you for the answer but we both work from home and without knowing when exactly this jammer will remove how we can continue? 

We live in a building complex where 130 houses. At least half of them os using t mobile and none of them reported the same issue. If there is a jammer, shouldn't they have the same problem?

  Can you confirm if its jammer and its removal date? 

thank you. 

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I am a customer like you and not a moderstor so please wait for a moderator so they can help you with this 

I'm not sure but if there is a jammer then others will also experience problems, it could also be something with just your connection.

@Waqqas then very sorry i thought you are the moderator. 

thanks for all the answers! 

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Hi @sedog, can you please add your customer number (klantnummer) to your Community profile? I'd like to perform a thorough line analysis in order to check where the obstruction lies. Thanks in advance!

Hello @Jason

It is added to profile.  However, please be informed that I am quite annoyed that service that we try to get. 


I had 5 call with customer service, opened 4 tickets and even we are at day 6, i have just provided the same information to 5th person from T mobile. And again i was told to wait another 48 hours to see if back office can solve it. After that we will wait for technician appointment etc. so whole process is just fail and difficult. 

This is not acceptable. 

Thanks for the support. 





Can someone please help us? 

Customer service keep saying the same 48 hours but it has been 7 days. Come on! 


I just had another call with customer service and they stated that they are not able to give any deadline even though it has been 7 days. 

Can some please tell me how i can cancel my contract? I am not able to get service so why I am still contracted with a company which is not capable to delivery the service. 

Thank you. 


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Hi @sedog, sorry for the belated reply! 

I've checked the case-status and don't see an update yet. I'll request the technicians to give an update as soon as possible. It seems like the issue is more difficult to tackle than previously mentioned. 

I'll force an update on Monday and will give you notice immediately. 

Hello Jason, 


As my understanding, this is one of the most common problem raised by customer. Therefore It is hard t understand why it is more difficult than expected? 

Secondary, I have been told 10 times by your customer service, (waited 7 min. on each on line  to reach to person) '”If back-office can not solve within 48hours, then we will send a technician" . As we all see, it has been 5 times 48 hours and no one came to check.


It is not bearable anymore, I am already 100Euro above my mobile subs. to continue to work at home, but I guess it is not your problem.!! 


it has been more than 10 days, still no update, no one even cares. 


Please let us know, how to Cancel our subs. we have lost all our trust to TMOBILE. 


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Hi @sedog,

Thanks for your message! To make sure you'll get the help needed, I've been in contact with our technical team and arranged so a technician can visit you ASAP. You'll receive a SMS/e-mail in which you can digitally plan a appointment. This technician will resolve the disturbance. Help is on its way. To give the technician all the data he needs, I'd like to ask you what signals are blinking on the ONT at the moment. A photo will tell us more than a hundred words, so if you're able, we'd be very grateful. Again, if you have any questions, please let us know. We're here for you!

Hello Boris, 


Of course i can give you the data as i gave it to another 5 of your colleagues. Are you really kidding me? 


You all keep saying the same, instead of sending the technician. The photos are there, please read the first post. 


Dear T  mobile, please stop playing with your customer and stop keep awaited us and send this technician. 


Thank you. 

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Hi @sedog,

I think we’re having a miscommunication, the technician has been notified and an appointment will be made. To help the technician with the investigation and solution the additional information will help him or her immensely. If you're able to provide them, thanks so much.