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  • 2 February 2022
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Hi guys,

can we cancel my subscription?

I have sadly lost my job and will be leaving the Netherlands.

Thanks in advance.



Beste antwoord door Jason van Odido 2 February 2022, 13:19

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Hi @charlesmaher, that's really sad to hear, I'm very sorry and wish you all the best. Please stay safe and good luck with the job hunt, I sincerely hope you'll find the most fitting job soon!

I'll help you immediately: when would you like to terminate the contract? Please keep in mind that every contract has a one month term of notice. This means you'll be able to cancel the contract on March 2nd when you cancel it today. Please let me know, I'll fix it as quickly as possible!


Hi @Jason 


Yes please terminate the contract.



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@charlesmaher Thank you for the confirmation, I'll make sure your contract's terminated. Please send back the equipment on time, that way you won't receive unnecessary warnings or fines. You'll receive an email in regards to the equipment shortly hereafter.

Once again: the best of luck and stay safe!