Number porting request rejected

  • 1 October 2022
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Hi folks,

I am in bit of a situation and looking for help.

I signed up for a new Iphone + Subscription from T-mobile, with the plans of porting my existing number. Yesterday, I received the new phone and also applied for porting. However, later in the day, I received a text message that my porting request has been rejected because I am still under contract from my old provider (which is true, and I made a terrible mistake of not checking the end of contract. I was unaware of how mobile contracts work here, because I am new in the Netherlands and my home country do not have numbers under contract, there are only prepaid ones).


Anyway, now I am stuck with a new phone, but my number is still with the old provider. Contract expires only in the next 5 months.


What should I do now?


I am ready to pay off the contract from existing provider and move to T-mobile. In that case, what should be the “wish date” for porting? Is it the same date as the end of contract with old provider or a different date?

If I do not end the contract with my old provider, will I be charged for mobile subscription both from T-mobile and my old provider? That’d mean I am paying for the same number from both providers at the same time.


Any help is appreciated!


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Hey @swethasivadas,

First off, welcome to the Netherlands and welcome to our T-Mobile family! Good to see that you found our Community. I'll help you right away. It is possible to request number porting, while you're still under contract with your current provider. To do this, you will have to pay off the contract with them. 

In that case, number porting will be set 3 (working) days in the future. Your current provider will have to let you know how to pay off your current contract and what the costs are. More info about 'nummerbehoud’ you can find here.

You already ordered a subscription and a phone with us, is that right? Do you have an order number for me? I'm happy to dive into this for you. If the number porting is rejected you won't pay for the same number, but you will pay for your new subscription with us (for the temporary number that's on the sim card)

I hope this clarified a few things! 😊