T-Mobile written notice of deful (complaint)

  • 31 October 2022
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I am writing this as a formal written notice of default of service from T-Mobile home internet. We have spent far too much time over the past two months trying to contact T-Mobile over the chat and call function. Each time coming to a dead end of either the customer support person hanging up, assuring that our system will work soon or saying that it isn’t their problem that it is not working. We signed up for internet at a T-Mobile store where the customer service person assured us that our house would work with T-Mobile and only recently were we told that our connection point does not support DSL and thus T-Mobile are not able to provide us with internet. We are seeking someone to contact us via email so we can discuss the route to cancel the contract as T-Mobile are not able to provide the contractural service and thus should halt direct deposit requests and reimburse previous payments. 


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Hello @E Treloar 

When you enter your postcode in the postcodecheck on the website what does it say?

If it says DSL of Fiber availabe then you should be able to receive internet from T-Mobile.

Can you also share a picture of the connection point you've got at home?


We do not want to continue with connection with T-Mobile. We have been trying to organise connection with your members on the online service desk and in store for about two months and all routes have been unsuccessful. This has been a very bad experience for my partner and myself and thus we would like to cancel our subscription. 

Personally, it isn’t really cancelling the subscription as we have never received a MB of internet from you and thus have not received any service.

Can you please provide the shipping details for us to send the modem back to and have our bills halted from T-Mobile.



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Hi @E Treloar, if I understand your first post correctly, you don't have an ISRA (DSL connection point) at home, is that correct? When your home only supports for instance COAX (Ziggo), then it's up to you as a customer to find out whether that's suitable for a different type of connection - unless you checked it with our sales-department of course - if that's the case: my sincerest apologies for the subpar service. Not to be offensive at all, but let's say you were to buy a new car and you’re set on a big SUV but your driveway only supports the parking of a small Sedan, would that be the company’s responsibility or your own? 

Having said that, I do truly regret the decision this has forced you toward and I respect your request. I’ll cancel your subscription and credit the outstanding payment. Can you please tell me if there’s an ISRA at home? Thanks in advance!

Yes I understand but we had many conversations with your staff at the De Pijp Amsterdam shop and they assured us that we would be able to install it even after showing them photos of our Coax connection. Only after we purchased the subscription and faced issues installing it and spent countless hours talking to service members online did they say that our connection would not work. 
I understand your analogy but our main complaint is with the service. We have spent far too much time trying to work this out with different T-Mobile staff, which we have not had with previous organisations. Thank you for agreeing to cancel the subscription and reimburse. 



Hello? Still awaiting a reply and action on this. I am still being charged for this service that I am not receiving. Do you need more information from me? 

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Hi @E Treloar, thanks a lot for your message! I’m really sorry to see that you didn’t receive an answer on your previous message. I immediately cancelled your contract per 30-12-2022. You’ll also receive a confirmation e-mail about this. I also reimbursed all the costs which you can check in your My T-Mobile Thuis enviroment: I wish you all the best for 2023 and hopefully we can meet again in the future! 😊