2.4GHz network not showing up

  • 12 June 2022
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Hi everyone,

First of all sorry but my dutch is still pretty bad, so I hope you don't mind asking it in english, thanks =)

Today, my 2.4GHz network started to not showing up in the list of wireless connections of all my devices, I only have the 5Ghz available, but not all my devices can connect to this one. 

I already tried to restart the router, enable and disable the network in the Home Network tab in the router config, already tried to factory reset and nothing worked. Is there anything else I can try or maybe someone can help me solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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Do you have a Huawei or Zyxel modem ?

On the Zyxel modem there are indicator lights on the modem and the wifi netwerk is 2,5 and 5Ghz by default.

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I hava a Huawei modem HG659.

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It can still be several things. If your device does see other 2.4GHz network, it's probably not the device. You can try to install wifi analyzer on an android phone and see if you can see the 2.4ghz network when you're closeby your modem. If it's visible, but really weak, your modem might be broken. 

Otherwise, if not visible, the modem can stil be #%#%'ed, but another option is that the 2.4 network is turned off. You can log in the modem by going to and, depending on your modem version, logging in with admin/admin (no capitals) or with the login on the sticker on the back. In the wifi settings, you can check if the 2.4 is turned off or not.

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So, my devices can see others 2.4GHz networks, since I already tried in a friend's house.

I just tried to run the wi-fi analyzer and I have the same behaviour, I can see the 5GHz but can't see the 2.4Ghz one..

And also just to be sure I logged in in the modem and both of the options are turned on. 2.4GHz and 5GHz are checked as enabled.

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Are you only using the Huawei for WiFi so there is no WiFi extender?

Maybe perform a factory reset by pressing the reset button on the back of your router for 10 seconds with a small object like a needle for example?

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I took the time to grab my laptop and checked your modem from a distance. I see quite some devices connected on the 2.4GHz (Or 2G as it's called 😉) network. Can you confirm it's working again?

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Hi Jaap,

Not really sure what happened, but indeed I have connection again to the 2.4GHz network. 

It has been unstable for quite some time these last weeks and yesterday in the evening it just didn't go back.. But now, it's working as it should. Not really sure if something was changed, but thanks anyway.

If this happens again is it ok to just write a message here or should I do something different? 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, So.. After some time my 2.4GHz network is gone again. So, not really sure what happened last time but didn't take long.. So I have the same problem again, it's not solved yet.

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Hi @jterra, I see your 2.4 GHz-network is up and running so that shouldn't be the issue here. Are you perhaps referring to a guest-network?