Urgent: I need to connect my modem to phone line through BNC type switch (tv output)

  • 19 June 2018
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Dear T-Mobile Thuis and other customers,

The caretaker of my house told me I need to connect my modem to the internet (phone line) by using the same output for cable TV (which is BNC type with one pin). He told me the internet is available through that in my place, which is Boksdoornerf, 551, 5038KC, Tilburg. And he told me that if I tell T-Mobile (you) about this, you will understand what I need. But to be clear, what I need is the cable (or adapter, I guess RJ-45 to BNC adapter to be precise) that is suitable to connect the modem to the TV output (again BNC), and they also told me I need a modem that's suitable for that kind of connection. Can you please help me urgently with that?

Thank you in advance

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Om sorry, it is not possible to Connect a DSL modem to a bnc coax cable. You cant use a coax cable by other providers than ziggo. You need to find the KPN phone line to connect the modem. ASK your caretaker about the location
Thank you very much for your answer, I think I am misinformed by the caretaker in this case. I am trying to find neighbors using an internet provider with KPN network. I think I know where it is already, do you think I can test the modem before my internet subscription is started by T-Mobile? My internet subscription will starts on June, 22nd and can I setup the modem and see if it works today?
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yes you can try. in most cases it wil work 1 or 2 days before the delivery date. this is because the need to dispatch a engeneer to connect your wirres to the t mobile network in the local hub.