Issues with remote key and FTU placement

  • 25 September 2020
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Hello, I have a very similar problem as mentioned by @cank7.

However, after a year of the original post, it’s sad to see that there is no streamlined approach to this afterall.

But, now it is nearly 2.5 months without internet and thoughts need to be voiced.


Jun 10, 2020: Request for moving placed:

Jul 11, 2020: FTU installed inside my house in the meterkast.

Jul 27, 2020: Monteur appointment (Guidion) cancelled because PoP connection could not be established. T-mobile tells me to call KPN again..

Sep 25, 2020: - - - more madness - - - T-mobile employee tells me that I need a new FTU (although I have a brand new, unused one that was installed < 3 months ago) NO internet yet..

When asked for an update T-mobile employee says: “It's not our problem”, and of course tells me to call KPN again.


The original reason from KPN : the PoP could not be established because the grey box/distribution point could not be accessed - stating that it was located in a private shared space. However, this was not true - confirmed by some neighbours & members of the VvE.

The distribution box is located on a pavement which is on the street around the corner.

However, instead of checking the layout of their own grid, a remote key to access our backyard was ordered. This is ridiculous and honestly a breach of security by several parties.

Instead of trying to ask the customer about accessing the backyard, this level of overkill was applied.


I contacted KPN and told them that I am the owner of the property and have all the access in the world to my own backyard/property they cancelled ordering the remote key.


All of this going on at the expense of around 15-45 minutes per call, at least thrice a week to customer service - from KPN or T-mobile! Do the math here.. 

What's worse, I receive a call from T-mobile saying that I'm a frequent caller and you would like to know what I think about the god damn service! Are you shitting me?! (no response required since you quite literally already are).


Now, several days later, I'm still calling T-mobile to ask about what can be done about my case. A young employee (whom I feel bad for) had to read the lengthy RUBBISH LOG (his words) that you sad employees write down in a hurry without accurately describing the situation. The T-mobile customer representative also told me that I should call KPN instead of T-mobile to fix the issue saying that the FTU needed to be replaced !!! Why would you go on to give out misinformation like this with so much confidence?!


You guys say that there is a problem with multiple parties. I completely disagree!

T-mobile has to track an issue of their customer. Otherwise, please go on and clarify on this community thread/ post or for that matter on your website’s terms and conditions that customers are responsible to contact KPN/Reggefiber/thirdParties directly in case of an issue and that T-mobile takes NO RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever.


I honestly do not know what to even expect here.

With almost no patience,

- your frustrated customer ( or am I? Food for thought..)

Sander 3 jaar geleden

Hi @ajaypeter


Thanks for the update and what great news! Great to hear we can finally close this chapter and you're once more connected to the internet.  I've send you a private message so we can discuss the private matter.



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Hi @ajaypeter,


I'm here to help! First off, I put your post in a separate topic, as this is a unique and new issue. This way we can focus on the issue at hand. 


I must say I'm not quite sure what the issue is, since I see that the gridoperator mentions a lost remote key (for a garage?) and that the connection point (FTU) needs replacing. You say you contacted the gridoperator (KPN) and they cancelled your order? That's very unfortunate, since we need this to fulfill the installation. I would like to ask you to contact them once again and precisely explain that they need to complete the installation of the connection point. As I see it there's some confusion here. If they can't explain it to you, or if there's an hurdle you cannot cross, let me know. I'll take over for you and try to negotiate. Preferably you and KPN make arrangements, since you are both the expert at the location and can make a possible appointment directly if needed. 


Keep me informed or correct me where I'm wrong. Together we can make this work!

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it is rare but not uncommon.

Basicly T Mobile places a order with the grid operator (KPN NetwerkNL) and the com and install the ftu and connect it to the pop location and need to wirre it in (some times on multiple places in the ground) and connect it to the hardware. there is not always logic to the placement but usualy it is the nearest pop location. because the order is not fully compleated T Mobile can’t see the ftu is already in place. 

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most common pop


mini pop for housing projects



Hello @Sander , @Hidden.nld,


Here's the issue: 

  • I'm YOUR customer. You should track my ticket and find out why this has taken so long. Not me. Do you agree?
  • The PoP location cannot be opened by the grid operator - KPN.
  • Why do they not have a key for this? I'm sure that my neighbours ( who have a direct contract with KPN ) did not face this issue.

I've identified the location of the PoP after speaking with a neighbour who was in the area who has the KPN contract.


The address of the PoP location is on Willem Schorerstraat 23 


See attached pictures. There is a key required for access into the room.



Please negotiate with KPN about how to proceed further.


Do NOT ask ME to contact KPN! I am not paying KPN. I’m paying YOU! 


Do let me know the status of the same asap.




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im not a staff member of T Mobile.

so if im right. The  pop is in a shared space. The pop is not accessible for kpn because the remote is missing from the safe as shown on your picture. so the can’t access the propperty.

But you live there and have access to it.

You don’t wanna call KPN because you have T Mobile. but you would like for T Mobile to do that.

So you would like for T Mobile to setup an appointment between you and KPN so you can give access to the pop.


is this correct ?

@Hidden.nld , 


Yes but, that's NOT what I would like - it's T-mobile’s responsibility. Otherwise, it should be stated in the T&C of the service provider - do you agree?

Thank you for clarifying your role in this. But, what exactly do you benefit from this then? Is it solely a voluntary activity for you?


What about @Sander ?

Is there any method I can tag a manager from T-mobile?


As of today, DAYS WITHOUT INTERNET = 2 months, 3 weeks = 83 days



@Cal , hello. I found you to be the moderator on a similar topic. 

Could you please respond/ tag someone who can?



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I started working as a fiber engeneer in ‘98 and worked for almost every grid operator including kpn, versatel, upc, global crossing, level3. and yes i have access to that pop your on. 

and as a network engeneer, site manager for a large isp and hosting provider. internet exchange admin. abuse desk.

Some times i advice T Mobile even on the management layer. in the background

 this is an voluntary activity for me i dont get payed for this. but the are some benefits.

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Hi @ajaypeter


Thanks for clarifying! I'd be more than happy to assist. Just to get it clear - you nor your neighbours have the keys to this pop? I'm not sure what the arrangement is for this pop and how to access it. With your information we can be more precise in dealing with the gridoperator who stated they need access to the pop by consent of the owner. I understand from you that this is not the case. Rest assured, we want to resolve this issue as much as you do!

Hey @Sander ,

Access to the PoP (which is the room with the network switches/routers/mux/etc.) itself is most likely never allowed/possible by an end-user/customer is what I’ve been told by T-mobile customer service/KPN Network/VW-Telecom.

(Please look at the pictures to understand the situation better)

There are 2 keys required to enter the PoP room:

  1. Parking area key - To access/enter parking area where PoP room is located.
  2. PoP room key - To access/enter PoP room itself.

The PoP room (☆) is located in a shared space that is owned by neighbouring block of houses (called "Romeo”). I am not a co-owner of this parking area but, I've made friends with the  owners who will grant access to me or the grid operator to their parking area if I ring their door bell. Therefore, Key 1 problem is solved!



My understanding from all of my calls to the grid operator/T-mobile, is that there was NO access to Parking area. Since this has been solved, I've done everything in my power to grant all required access.


What do you think?


It is now day 87 without internet. I don’t know what to say anymore.

I feel sorry for being treated this way.







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Hi @ajaypeter,


I fully understand now, thanks! Let me clarify: we're on the same side. We want to complete this installation as quickly as you do. The gridoperator states October 8th as a plandate to complete the work in the pop. Since they need you (or someone from houseblock Romeo) to access the pop, I would have expected them to make an appointment with you. There's a chance they'll come by tomorrow and ask for your help to enter the private property (garage). Either way, I expect an update from them tomorrow. Could you give me an update from your side thursday evening? On friday I'll iron things out for, be it with the gridoperator or the rest of the installation at your house. 


Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Hello @Sander,

Update: the VW-Telecom technician has finished the work at the PoP location now - 11:45h 08/Oct/2020.

I granted him access inside the private parking/garage area and he had the key to the PoP location.

What’s next?

Hello @Sander, @Brian , @Mitch

Today I called T-Mobile since I wanted to make an appointment with Guidion. Wait time = 1 hour


The T-mobile customer service representative (CSR) checked my status and could see that the technician from VW-Telecom had finished doing the necessary work at the PoP so, she said I’m going to connect you to Guidion to schedule an appointment.


Another 45 min later, the Guidion CSR tells me that since the T-mobile employee did not enter a ticket with the details so, there is no open ticket to which they could attach the work order!!!

Next, the Guidion CSR connects me to T-mobile so that I can get a ticket assigned for this..

[14:10h] 1 hour later the T-mobile line gets disconnected after staying on hold for this long!


[14:20h] I called T-mobile again and am on hold as I’m writing this.


Very disappointing service. A sense of injustice and lack of respect for the customer’s time seems to be the best way I can describe what I am experiencing at this moment. . .

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Hi @ajaypeter, sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused so far, at the same time we're trying to fix everything as quickly as possible. My colleague from Customer Support has opened up a new ticket in order for you to be able to make an appointment. If I'm not mistaken, you should've received the planning tool as of an hour ago, is that correct? Are you able to make an appointment via the tool? 

Hello @Jason,

Thank you for checking. I was able to schedule an appointment with Guidion for the 20-Oct-2020 (Tuesday).

But, I want to point out that if the ticket had been created and I had been notified on 08-Oct-2020, I would’ve been able to schedule the same for 18-Oct-2020. This was well within T-mobile CSR’s abilities.


Hello All,

3 months without internet here..

T-mobile customer service = example of the worst miscommunication (or NO CLEAR COMMUNICATION with the Customer):


My advice to everyone : Ask technical questions to EVERYONE from the T-mobile team otherwise, they will convince you that you are an idiot and confuse you with WRONG information.

Simple scenarios:

  1. T-mobile says “Call the KPN Network /third party guys
    Your response should be: “Ok, I will call them (most likely KPN Network)”
    T-mobile does NOT take responsibility for any communication between the networks because they do not have the know-how. xD Trust me.
  2. KPN Network says there’s a technical issue and the technician could not fix it:
    Your response should be: “Please give me the name of this third party company (e.g. Volker Wessels Telecom, etc)”, and ask them to connect you to the Copper line/co-ax/glass fiber department. Try to find a technician and ask/beg him to give you the ground reality of the “technical issue” in your case.

Further steps:

  1. Call T-mobile after you have done their job of following up YOUR ticket with all the parties involved and let them know the actual (technical) situation because simple log writing and follow up calls are very difficult for T-mobile employees to handle. (Check this link if you don’t believe me.)
  2. PRO-TIP: voucher code for unlimited internet: When on call/are in conversation with a T-mobile employee for a voucher code, please make sure you activate it on your device while you're still in touch with them. Otherwise, you risk the case of the code being invalid and you're stuck again trying to stay on call waiting for (in my case >45 min average per call) another employee to sort it out.
    Worst case scenario: Receive voucher code on Friday evening » Code is invalid/does not work » NO INTERNET for the WHOLE WEEKEND » Call waiting on Monday morning is a joke» beg for another code» … <this happened to me twice .. The second time, the line got disconnected .. smh>


Best regards,

A very patient customer (at least from my perspective)

Hello @Sander , @Jason ,


I would like to let you know that I now have a working internet connection after 101 days, 63 phone calls, nearly 11 hours on the phone.

Please let me know what can be done to make the situation right. 

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Hi @ajaypeter


Thanks for the update and what great news! Great to hear we can finally close this chapter and you're once more connected to the internet.  I've send you a private message so we can discuss the private matter.