I am not able to pick up my package in time

  • 19 August 2022
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I am moving to the Netherlands by the end of the month. 

The delivery of my installation package was very fast, so that it has already been delivered to a DHL ServicePoint next to my new apartment. Unfortunately, they will send it back if I am not able to pick it up within 7 days - which I am not. 

I have no way in picking it up in time, since I am moving from abroad and I don’t know anyone in my new home town. Is there a way to rechedule the delivery for the package to a later date or let the monteur bring the package (I already booked an installation apointment for the day after my move) or inform the DHL ServicePoint to hold on to the package for 7 days longer?


Thanks for any help!


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Hi @salina.q,

Thanks for your question and welcome to our Community and most of all T-Mobile! Before you can enjoy your superfast connection, the technician will need to install the inhouse set-up with the installation package. If you're unable to pick it up from the DHL Service Point, the package will be returned to us within the week. I’m unable to send you a new one until this one will return and I've checked - it's already on its way. My advice would be to postpone the installation date, because without a package we're not able to do so. To contact the technician and reschedule the appointment please phone them at 020-3232767. My apologies for the inconvenience.