Draytek 2132fvn as a network switch / hub?

  • 20 November 2021
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sorry for writing in English, my Dutch is not yet so advanced to discuss technical questions :D


Is it possible to use Draytek 2132fvn as a network switch / hub?

I have Fritzbox 5490 (fiber router) and 1750Es as repeaters and Draytek is no longer needed as a router, but I want to use it as a network switch.

In theory I should turn off DHCP server OFF on Draytek, then connect both routers via LAN cable and that’s basically it, but it doesn’t work. I spent several playing with Draytek’s setting, but no luck. Can’t even ping Fritzbox from Draytek’s menu.

Any ideas?💡 


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Hello @Limpopo 

The Draytek has 2 internet ports and 2 IPTV ports so be sure to use the right ports, if you turn off DHCP on the Draytek then connected devices will not receive an IP address.

Instead turn on DHCP on the Draytek and turn off DHCP on the Fritzbox.

You could also remove the Draytek and connect the Fritzbox to the Fiber if you can configure VLANs in the Fritzbox.

VLAN 300 is for internet and VLAN 640 is for IPTV.