iPhone from T-Mobile impossible to unlock & use different sim

  • 27 December 2022
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in 2020 I have bought a handset from t mobile. This year I’m in Australia and want to use an Aussie sim. T mobile are offering 1000mb for 25 euro, this is not a price I can pay. 

I’ve spent almost every day trying to get my phone unlocked whilst on holiday for 15 days. I’ve been on the app, retrieved my IMEI code and the answer I get is that the unlock can not be found.


ive contacted customer service in the US, paid 100 euros to stay in a queue only to be told they couldn’t help.

ive contacted customer service in NL, been given a different IMEI code, still my phone can not be unlocked.

I called customer service again in NL, they have asked their technical team to resolve. By email they have confirmed my phone should be unlocked, it’s not.


why is it that a phone sold in 2020 can still be locked like this? Is it legal? Is there any other way to resolve this issue? I can not pay the extortionate amounts for data and which t mobile are offering. 


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You are right, since 2010 no simlocks were placed on the phones anymore. You bought your phone in 2020, so that can not be the case. What we have seen is that Samsung is protecting their markets with a region lock. There are a lot of tutorials and general information on this topic you can find online. 

There is nothing that T-Mobile NL can do. The webpage you found from T-Mobile are for prepaid phones before 2010. If the Samsung region lock can not be taken off, than see if you can find help on Samsung forum pages.

Hi Eric 


thanks for your input!

Just a question, my phone is actually apple, not Samsung, so not sure why that’s relevant - or am I missing something here?

i bought the iPhone from a t mobile shop..



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You didn't mention the brand in your original post. For Samsung there is this regional lock. For Apple phones that is Nederlandse reported.  They are never sold with a simlock by T-mobile Netherlands.  What is exactly on the screen when you put in a different sim? Maybe you can open a case with Apple support?

Aha! Yes sorry Eric, it is an iPhone. 

here’s a pic of the message I get - obviously I’ve contacted apple already who say it’s an issue with the network. What do you think?



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Well, it might be an error in the phone software. If you Google this message you find all kind of info.

What do you do when your phone says SIM not supported?

So let's jump right in and see how to get rid of the SIM not supported issue on iPhone.

  1. Check if the SIM is carrier locked.
  2. Make an emergency call.
  3. Eject and reinsert the SIM card on iPhone.
  4. Ensure the eSIM is properly activated.
  5. Restart your iPhone.
  6. Update iPhone to the latest iOS version.
  7. Reset Network Settings.