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  • 3 May 2024
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Hi Odido team,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to reach out to express my disappointment with my recent interaction with Ilona, a support agent from Odido. Unfortunately, the experience was quite frustrating due to her unprofessionalism and lack of helpfulness.

Moving forward, I have some queries regarding roaming outside of the EU that I hope you can assist me with:

  1. What are the policies for roaming outside of the EU? Does it automatically connect the SIM to the internet if the roaming is on in the settings?

  2. How can I verify two of my charges and check what package has been activated during my usage?

  3. Is it possible to disable the auto-roaming feature in non-EU countries altogether?

I appreciate your prompt attention to these questions and any clarification you can provide. Thank you for your assistance.


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Hi @AndreiMan 

  1. Your phone will connect automatically to networks outside the EU.
  2. In the APP you can find “ buiten de bundel” costs,
  3. In the app you can only disable roaming function. But that will block both EU and NON EU roaming.