Travel & Surf Zone 2 (USA only 5GB)

  • 30 September 2022
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Dear T-Mobile,


I am currently staying in NYC using Travel & Surf Zone 2 (USA only 5GB). I’ve noticed that after any metro ride(in which they do not have internet connection), my local provider changes from T-Mobile to AT&T and even though I still have enough data left, they show me pop ups that my data is not working and that I have to top up my data credit; and the disconnection stays until I connect to any sort of wi-fi for around 5 minutes or so, after which the mobile data works normally.


I won’t be coming back to the Netherlands until mid January, and so far this has been happening on a daily basis, which I surely do not find ideal happening for next 3 and a half months. Are there anything that T-mobile NL can do about it?


Thank you for the support and pardon the English, I deem my Dutch insufficient to discuss such technical problems :)


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Hey @Fractoluminescence,

First off, so nice to hear that you’re in NYC! How’s it going there? I’m going in December and I’m very excited about it. 😍

I’m happy to hear that your network connection is good when you’re connected to T-Mobile. I’m not sure why you get the pop up about upping your data when you’re on AT&T and how to fix that, but I think I can offer you an easy solution. Are your mobile network settings set to ‘automatic’? If yes, please turn this off. You can manually connect to our T-Mobile network. I believe this will stop your phone from (automatically) trying to connect to AT&T, whenever T-Mobile isn’t available (like in the metro). 

Please let me know if this helped. I’m looking forward to your message, and no worries, your English is fine! 😊

Thank you very much for the help, that was indeed the cause of the problem and after all it was an easy fix!