TP-Link Archer C8 in WDS (wireless) connection with the Draytek Vigor 2132fvn

  • 16 August 2017
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Hello, I have the Draytek router inside the metercast and the TP-Link in my living room.
I want to connect the TP-Link in WDS mode with the draytek router. In my old house, I was able to make the connection with a Netgear router, without any conflict, but with the draytek it seems problematic.

My connection gets lost every 5 minutes and the TP-link is restarting constantly. Are there any special settings to be followed on the draytek router to secure the smooth operation??

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Hi Mjalex,

Unfortunate some users have problems with the Draytek WDS capabilities.
The only solution in this moment that i can think of is use a UTP wire.
Hello Hidden.nld,

Can that be due to the vodafone firmware that is running the router? If so, is there any firmware update that could solve such WDS issues any time soon?
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Hi mjalex,

Unfortunate it is only possible to use the current firmware. so we can not determine if it is a glasoperator firmware version issue.
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I do not know if this information video can help you for a correct setup:
How to Configure Wireless Distribution System (WDS) Function on TP-Link Wireless Routers

I am not running such a system, but it is important that DHCP is OFF on the second router and that the IP-range is outside the range of the main router.
I think, but i am not sure, that the problem could be overlapping IP ranges ... so a collision due to same IP handled to one mobile device by the Vigor as well by the TP-link.
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I was under the impression that you can connect an accesspoint on wireless if you turn off the DHCP on the external router, like Pieter_B mentioned. Then again, I don't use the Draytek and can't check my statement...