T-Mobile internet WAN problem

  • 8 September 2018
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Hi the T Mobile team !

I have a problem to activate my internet connection. When everything is plugged, the power and the wifi lights are ok but not the WAN one. Even a reset doesn't change anything. I saw on a other discussion that I need to check the meterkast, but I don't know what it is and where it is... I use a socket plug (2 at home) and only can activate internet with wifi because my laptop doesn't have an ethernet plug.

Tell me if you need more information, I hope that you can help.

Many thanks


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Hi Laurent, apologies for the late reply! I see that you've contacted us by phone and that we are sending a mechanic over to connect the modem for you! The 'meterkast' is your utility closet where the water, electricity and gas meters are. This is usually also where your internet comes in at a so called 'ISRA' point. It is best to connect the modem directly to this ISRA point but often a second connection is made from the ISRA to a wall connection for example. An ISRA usually looks something like this. Is there anything in your home that resembles such a connection?