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  • 15 May 2018
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Dear T-Mobile,

I shifted to T-Mobile Thuis (750 mbps internet) with telephone and television. It has been 1.5 months and I'm completely not satisfied with the speed of the internet.

I have a wired cable connection to one of my computers and the other devices (Ipad, phone) work on wifi. I checked the speed of the internet on the wired computer and it measures around 130mbps. This is less than 1/5th of the promised speed of 750 mbps. Furthermore, the wifi is not at all stable. It either disconnects or the speed is very bad. The speed check shows that wifi is ~20 mbps, sometimes falling to 7 mbps. This is really bad.

The problem is that I have registered for online courses, where there is a video class. With this worst connection, the video is either stuck or freezed after every 10 minutes. I also opened a ticket with T-Mobile and the agent told me that there might be a problem in the line. This issue has been going on from the past ~1.5 months and the ticket is open from the past 10 days.

I had a 50 mbps net before (glasvezel) from online and never had any problems. Now I have 750 mbps and have bought a lot of problems along with this connection. :?:@

Please give a solution to my problem quickly. My ticket number is Ticket#2018043011009277


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Hi Krish,

Apologies for the late reply! I can assure you that 750 Mbps is coming in but wether or not you can actually use the full speed is dependent on your hardware. Our technical department analysed your connection and it seems the device you have connected doesn't support high speeds.

Could you try the following steps?

Change your network adapter to a static 1 Gbps full duplex
o  Search for the 'Network and Sharing Center'
o  Click to the left on 'Change Adapter Settings‘
o  Select the adapter through which you're currently connected
o  Rightclick and select ‘Properties’
o  Click on ‘Configure’
o  Under the ‘Advanced’ tab activate 1.0 Gbps full duplex

Also check wether the UTP cable you are using is suited for high speeds, this has to be CAT 5 or higher.

Your Wifi speed is also dependent on the hardware you are using. Are you measuring the same Wifi speed on different devices? If your computer has an older Wifi protocol then it won't be able to take advantage of the higher speeds offered. If your Wifi speed is consistently low close to the modem (max one floor difference) then I'll see to sending a mechanic over to solve this!
Dear Brian,

Thanks for the reply. I think my cable is of lower CAT and that's why I'm getting a speed of ~90[MBPs] with the cable connection. The max speed it can handle is ~100[MBPs].

I will buy a new cable and try with that regarding the cable connected internet on my workstation.

However, this does not solve the problem of wifi. I have an Ipad and two more or less latest mobile phones (Samsung galaxy s7 Edge and a laptop). I see the speed is ~15[MBPs] download/upload in all the devices. I just called the customer service as I did not see your reply here. The agent changed the channel to 11 (I changed it by myself few weeks ago to channel 6 as the auto channel was worse). It did not help. Now it is changed to 11. I still see lower speeds, but I will test it for ~48 hours and come back if it is not improved.

Finally, the speed is low in all the locations of the house. its low and also disconnecting. As I already spoke with the customer service agent, for now. It is time to wait and see if speed improves.

Thanks for your time and answer once again,
Best Regards,
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Hi krismech,

unfortunately the modem is a Wireless 2,4 N device. so there is no 5Ghz.
T-Mobile has a WiFi service if you have a unstable or slow WiFi (the minimum speed of the WiFi is 10Mbit) it is not possible to get a 750Mbit speed on a wireless device.

If you have a cat5e or higher utp cable you can get a speed of 750Mbit but you have to use the desktop app to test this.
I think with a 2.4Ghz modem, it should be possible to get atleast 300[MBPs] for a 750 output. The speed is between 7 to 15[mbps] which is too low in my opinion.

Regarding the cable connection, I have a shorter CAT5e cable to check the speed of the internet. However I still did not check it as of now.
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Hi krismech, do let me know what speeds you're getting with the new CAT 5 cable. If you're still experiencing problems with your Wifi connection then I'll see if we can send a mechanic over to fix that!
Hi Brian,

With Cat5e cable I'm getting ~620[MBPs] download and upload is around 600[MBPs]. I guess there is a slight drop due to other running programs in my computer which I cannot stop. so with cable it is more than enough speed. So, concluding no problems at all with the cable connection.

I also checked wifi and this is still slow, some times dropping to ~7[MBPs] the connecting is not stable and it gets disconnected multiple times in a day. Channel 11 did not help. Could you please consider sending a mechanic to sought out the wifi problem.

Best Regards,
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Hi Krish, good to hear the issue with wired internet is fixed! The speed may vary a bit depending on the browser you're using and the harddisk and indeed whatever else is running. I see my colleague already requested a mechanic to solve the Wifi issues as well and our installation partner Guidion will contact you to make an appointment. You can also contact them yourself through 088 2000 151 to make an appointment right away!
Brian, yes thats true a mechanic on the way and the appointment is scheduled for tomorrow between 14:00 to 16:00.

Thanks for keeping track of my problem!
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You're welcome krismech, do let me know how it turns out today! 😉