Extreme Ping difference - High Latency

  • 25 September 2017
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Since two days there is a very high latency. Your phone support couldn't help. Probably a setup issue with the router.

- Yes I restarted
- Yes the router is patched (Installed begin of September)
- Yes, I can connect via cable and wifi

See the attached pictures. It's a glas fibre connection.

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Hi Raz3rr, I see that our phone support made a support ticket to our technical department, they are asking for more information and whether or not you could do a test test through the command prompt to for example Google so we can see what is going on. You can find how to do this here. You say you've already restarted the router, have you also tried resetting it to the factory settings? I also noticed we are getting an error with port 1 which usually indicates there is a problem with the connection from the modem to your device. Are you using a different router next to our own modem? If you could provide us with more information then I'll make sure to forward it to our technical department right away!
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ping and check if that is good
so yesterday everything was fine. I will check again tonight.
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Hi RaZ3rr, good to hear everything seems to be working now. Should you still experience any problems then let us know!