Modem returned on 29/12 but I received email that says money will be deducted due to not returning equipment.

  • 20 January 2023
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I returned my modem weeks ago but I received an email that says I will be charged for failing to return the equipment. 
As it seems it is a PostNL problem so please can I have someone sort that out, since I do have returned the equipment like it was instructed?



Beste antwoord door Demi van Odido 21 January 2023, 13:16

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@sinnika I'm here to help you out! It looks like the package is stuck with PostNL indeed, but it's not your fault. According to our system, we can see that you delivered the package and that it's received by PostNL, but .So that's great! I can't see the penalty on the invoice yet, so I have manually  signed off the return for you. So hopefully we're on time and you don't receive the penalty. If you still receive the penalty, please let me know here and I will take care of the refund for you!


i wanted to return my modem bcs of cancelation of my subsc but the scan code doesn t work!

i tried that many times from different point of DHL! I got an email of fine!

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@Sinadadmehr Thank you for reaching out to us, I’ll gladly explain to you how to return the router to us! 

You can place all the hardware in a box, this can be an old box that you have laying around or maybe you can pick one up from the supermarket. Don’t forget to leave a note in the box with your zip code and house number, so we can link it to your subscription. When you are ready, you can travel to the nearest DHL-point. There you tell the staff that you want the package sent to Odido and they will print out a free sending-label for you. As soon as we have received and processed the hardware, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

You can check this topic for more information: Hoe stuur je de apparatuur terug? | Odido community. However, since it is in Dutch, I have summarized the most important information in this message.