• 19 July 2021
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I have been receiving klantvoordeel offer because i have tmobile thuis and tmobile sim subscription, but recently i moved to new house and took my tmobile thuis also to new address and although i change new address for my mobile subscription also but still i couldnt apply for klantvoordeel. Is this normal???


Beste antwoord door Cal van Odido 20 July 2021, 12:07

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Did you try to subscribe again for T-Mobile klantvoordeel via this page?

If you did, what sort of message did you got?

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This is what i got

I think, one of the T-Mobile moderators should dig deeper into this issue i'm afraid. As, when both subscriptions (mobiel and vast) have the correct address details and contractor it should work as suposed.

In this case there might be an issue in the backend that causes issues.

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Yeah i also thought so, hope someone will look to it.

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Hi @Rickey_tramp Don’t worry a T-Mobile community moderator will look into your case and will respond in this topic. I’m sure they will be able to re-activate your klantvoordeel service.

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Hi @Rickey_tramp,

Thanks for all the background information! I thoroughly looked through your dossier, and it seems that something is going wrong with the validation of the address of your Mobile subscription. I've tried a few tricks, but I was unable to make it work. Thus, I have forwarded your dossier to a specialized department, and we will try to make it function soon. I'll keep my eyes on it, and as soon as I know more, you will certainly receive a heads-up from me!

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Thank you cal, let me know.