All devices show the wrong geolocation when connected to WiFi

  • 20 December 2023
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The title says it all basically. When connected to my home network, all my devices say they are in the US where in actual fact I am based in NL. I dont have any VPN running so no idea what is happening. W3C Geolocation service determines I am in the US, but the location of my provider is in NL - data from feedback


Any help would be greatly appreciated, fed up of US google searches and YouTube ads.


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Hello @hugolennon.

You did not mention any Operating systems, but i assume a Windows driven device. Windows uses its own “Locations Service”, this one is probably causing some issues.

How Devices Use Wi-Fi to Determine Your Physical Location


How to set and configure Location Services in Windows 11


Hope the above information could give you somehow some guidance, to find the root cause of the incorrect location report.

Thanks @Pieter_B ! I actually only have Apple devices, can you still help me? :) 

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Snooping around the internet, but i notice you are not the only person with this kind of problem.

My MacBook Pro with Retina display shows wrong current location

Why Is My Location Wrong on My iPhone? 11 Fast Fixes!

About privacy and Location Services in iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS

Hope there is with this links some solution mentioned.

Thank you for these! I had a look at those and None really help...I truly think it is a network related issue as all devices when connected to the WiFi show as being in the USA, i.e. for when I use google maps or search results on Google.

Is there an IP issue? or DNS configuration?

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Well i could not find so much more on your problem, but like i was saying, looks like more Apple users have the same issue now and then.

Did you try a factory reset of the router already, just in case to see if anything changes.