Wifi working but impossible to connect to laptop

  • 27 October 2021
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I have used T mobile internet for months now without any issues. 

Since yesterday, whereas the wifi works fine on my mobile phone, it's impossible to use it with my laptop. I have the following message:" impossible to connect to this network". 

Already tried the following: 

• forget the network and connect again

• check all cables and plug/ unplug everything several times

• check my connection with the customer service


I honestly don't know what to do now and feel quite desperate. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you



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Hello @AudreyMarie 

Which T-Mobile modem do you have?

So internet is working fine wired and via the WiFi but only your laptop is not connecting? Is your laptop running on windows? There should appear an option to look for a possible issue when your laptop can't connect to the WiFi.

Does it connect with a mobile hotspot for example?