Wifi constantly dropping in certain devices

  • 20 January 2022
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For a few months now some of my devices at home that used to find and connect to my Wi-Fi correctly have stopped doing it. This is what usually happens:

  • They don’t find my Wi-Fi.
  • If they find it, they cannot connect to it.
  • If they connect to it, I get a message saying there’s no Internet connection
  • If they get a normal Internet connection, then it drops after a few minutes or even seconds.

I have tried several times restarting my modem and sometimes it seems to work but after a few minutes the connection drops again.

Can I do anything to fix this problem that I didn’t have before? I subscribed to a higher Internet speed a few months ago and it might be a coincidence but that even seemed to make it worse.

Could it be that the router is not working well or can I get a better one?



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Hello @Danizeta 

Which T-Mobile modem do you have and are you only using the T-Mobile modem? So there is no 2nd router, a switch or WiFi repeater?

Did you also perform a factory reset of the modem?

It’s a Zyxel VMG8825-T50 and I don’t have a 2nd router. I tried a WiFi extender but it didn’t improve anything so I unplugged it.

I didn’t perform a factory reset because I wasn’t sure if I would lose any settings I shouldn’t lose. May I try it?

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You could try that by pressing the reset button on the back of the modem for about 10 seconds using a small object..

All settings will be reset to default.

Alright thanks for the recommendation, I will try it later at home and let you know about the outcome.


I reseted the modem and it seemed to work for a while with my computer easily finding WiFi, but after 5 minutes the connection started dropping again and in the end I got the usual ‘Can’t connect to this network’ message.

Any additional actions that could fix this?

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Hello @Danizeta, I fear that there could be an issue with your modem, as the reset to default settings did not resolve your issues. Community moderators are monitoring the topics in the community. They will be able to help you swap the faulty modem. :wink:

Hi @Seccie thanks a lot for your feedback, in that case I will wait for the moderators response and request a new modem 

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Hi @Danizeta ,

Thanks for your message! I’ve checked out your connection right away and see a steady connection coming. I think we’d have to search the problem within the wifi connection. Therefor a couple of questions arise, like what are the devices which are having trouble with the connection? I’m also curious if splitting the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz connection with these steps: 

It’s in Dutch but if you have any questions, please let me know. I’d try and translate for you. I’m also still curious what devices give these issues. I’ll await your message! 

Hi @Boris,

Thank you for your detailed answer, I entered the modem settings and I think it´s already how it should be according to your instructions, isn´t it?:


The device that mainly has trouble with my connection is my laptop, I´ve tried everything also with its Wi-Fi settings but no result yet. My mobile phone also has some troubles sometimes, but it´s very occasionally.


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Hello @Danizeta 

See my answer here, how to split 2,4 and 5 GHz :

Hi @Waqqas 

Thanks for your answer. I did that and now my phone for example detects both “WifiSSID” and “WifiSSID-5G”. However, my laptop still detects only “WifiSSID” and the network connection is still not stable at all. Shall I try to do something from my laptop to detect the 5GHz band or that’s not the proper direction to solve this issue?

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Your laptop doesn't support 5G I guess but splitting both bands isn't the solution unfortunately.

Hi @Waqqas 

Then maybe we need to focus again on why the Wifi was working perfectly and stable on my computer a few months ago and now it doesn’t. I haven’t added any additional devices to the home network lately and it cannot be a problem from the laptop side, because it was happening with other devices too.

Could it be a modem malfunction or something else?

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You could try to give fixed channels to each band, maybe it'll improve the stability because your wifi will not switch from channels anymore.

Log in to the Zyxel, menu, netwerkinstellingen, draadloos, algemeen, select 1 for example under kanaal, toepassen and now select 5 GHz under band, select 36 under kanaal for example and click on toepassen.

Hi @Waqqas 

Thanks, that didn’t work either.
I finally bought a WiFi USB Adapter for my laptop like this one:


It’s not the ideal solution and it doesn’t really explain why the WiFi behaves differently than a few months ago, but at least with the previous WiFi splitting I’ve been able to choose the 5GHz band and so far (one day) it’s working.

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Even i am facing the problem of “Wifi constantly dropping in certain devices”, it drops and reconnects many times during the day which is impacting my online meetings related to the office work. I tried to restart the model with 2 mins downtime but it doesn’t seem to help, Let me know if there anything can be done to resolve this problem.




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Hi @Sbalram ,

Thanks for your message! I've checked your connection right away and see a stable connection coming in towards the modem. What I do notice, is a lot of connections with the wifi frequenties. Please be aware that with the speed of your subscription and several streams or home devices, some can be a strain on the bandwidth causing issues with the connection through wifi. We've got some very good tips on our Wiki to get the most stable connection possible: 

The tips are in Dutch but are translatable through Google translate. If you have any questions about them, please let us know. If the tips didn't bring any success, please consider up’ing your subscription speed or the Wifi Plus option described in above topic.