no internet LOS light is red on HUAWEI converter

  • 15 July 2023
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I have t-mobile quartz fiber internet at home. I use wifi every day. Today, the internet suddenly lost at about 20 hr. The LOS light is red on the HUAWEI converter. The modern has red light on internet globe sign. I can see the wifi network at home but no internet.  I turned on and off the power several times. It does not work.  Pleas help me. Thank you in advance.

4 reacties

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Hello @wangp 

When you look in your My T-Mobile account under meer > storingen, do you see anything mentioned there about an outage?

Have you also restarted the Huawei?

@Waqqas thank you for the quick reply. I did not find any storingen in my account or anything about outrage. I have restarted the Huawei as suggested online and the modern. The red light on Huawei does not go away.


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Hi @wangp, I checked it right away! 😊 In the measurements I see that your internet has to work right now, do you experience this on location? Greetings, Ishana

Hi @Ishana , My internet came back. Thank you for checking it. I did not know the reason. I guess it was a storing outside my house.