globe sign is off nothing works

  • 31 March 2023
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Dear all, the kpn fiberoptic hardware lights are on but the globe sign is off since this evening. I couldn’t find precisely the same issue so I’m writing here.

it all started with this. My ziggo box came since I am changing providers. I plug in the Ito cable to the ziggo modem, didn’t work so I delayed it for another time to professionals, and plug it back to my zyxel t50 back and switched it on. Since then no internet. Even though the connection light on glasvezel box is green. 

my wife and I have work and courses and we are freaked out.

thanks in advance for your help!





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Update: I reset the modem and checked it on my laptop and confirmed no incoming internet. With a desperate move I unplugged the utp cable from one of the lan (yellow) ports to the blue wan port and I swear to God it wasn’t there before. First the globe light and the other one next to it and the on:off light started blinking but then instantly kpnbox started lighting red. Then my globe sign went red too. After a lot of switching on and off I got back online, very much to my surprise. I can’t make sense of it and I won’t be sure until it’s stable for longer. Thus, I’ll keep you posted and would welcome any expert opinions in the meantime.

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Hallo @ilhamanka 

The UTP from the black ONT needs to go to the blue WAN port of the router.

If the alarm light on the ONT was red then there was no Fiber signal, since you are back online now it could have been a temporary outage.