Do I need this modem thing to run my own mesh?

  • 29 December 2023
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When I started usin Odido, some sort of modem was delivered. It says Zyxel T-54. Why do I even need a modem? It would have made more sense to me if I simply could plug the connection straight into a router of my choice.

I am asking because I want to run a mesh network using my own mesh units / routers.

When I tried to connect them to the cable “straight from the wall” (in the electric cabinet), it didn’t seem to work. In order to run my mesh network, it seems I have to connect the Zyxel modem (which runs its own WiFi network) and then plug one mesh unit into the modem.

Is this really the easiest way? It doesn’t seem like a great solution.


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The mesh units I want to use are Asus Zenwifi XT9.

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Important question, Do you have a DSL connection, than a modem is needed. If you have a glasfiber connection, you only need a router. The Ethernet cable from the ONT (fiber to electric convertor) can be plugged into your own router. THan you need a router with VLAN possibilites, VLAN 300 is the one for internet with an Odido connection.

Thank you @eric for your reply and apologies for my late answer. I have a glasfiber connection but it seems my mesh routers do not support VLAN. I was surprised to learn that something so seemingly important was not supported in a top model.

But it seems then that I can get myself a router of my own liking, hook it up directly on the glasfiber cable, and then use my mesh routers in connection with this router.

I understand that VLAN is some sort of power user type capability. Why do I need this, simply to route my internet traffic?

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Providers use Vlan technology to separate traffic in their WAN network. Management,  TV, internet etc. So, the standard Zyxel router, but many other models, can and need to listen and send in VLAN 300 for internet traffic. It is really a very common technology. 

So. Is there a guide somewhere I can use? I have connected to yellow cable into my asus expert wifi ebr 63 router. This does not immediately lead to internet access, so some configuration seems to be needed.

I seem to have figured out how to.