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  • 25 June 2019
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I am a new customer with T-mobile huis. I asked to keep my current phone number for the new house where I am moving in few weeks.

I have not yet started proceed to terminate my Phone/TV/internet contract with my current supplier as I am still not sure about the moving date. I am quite concerned that T-mobile open the line in the new house while I continue living in the first house and thus not to be able to use my phone number and internet with my current internet supplier in meanwhile.

I would like to know if it is possible to decide when to switch with the phone number. Is it possible to get a temporary phone number ? and then to switch to my current phone number only when I move to the new place?

Thanks a lot for your help.
You can answer in Dutch 🙂

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Hey @virginie,

First of all welcome to T-Mobile Thuis!😄 I see that you'll join us on the 5th of July. From that date it will take approximately 2/3 days before we'll take over your phone number. Sadly enough we can't postpone the day of the take over. I hope that it won't cause any problems for you!