New subscriber - MODEM is not reached to me

  • 16 October 2020
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Hello, I'm sorry for English

My klantnummer :  KJD30985

I was supposed to receive MODEM last Monday (5th/Oct).
I stayed at home on the day, But nobody didn't come to my house.
And it was delayed and delayed again, eventually the MODEM is not reached to me still yet.

Could you please check what was happend on the delivery ?

Can I take the MODEM at the off-line store ?
I can’t take a day-off anymore to take the MODEM
Normally I'm working at my office and nobody in my house during working hours.

Thank you.


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Reputatie 7

Hi @zeusno7, I just checked for you and the package was delivered at the nearest post office. You have received an e-mail about this on 4-10-2020. However the package wasn't collected and it then gets sent back after 2 weeks. We have received the return package last Friday.

But no worries, we’re going to send the package again an you’ll receive a new e-mail within a few days when the package is heading your way. If you cannot be home at the new date then the package will be delivered to the nearest post office again. You can check the status through the Track & Trace code you will receive in the e-mail.

This is the delivery status of last Monday ( 4th/Oct ). If it was transferred to near PostNL Point. I should have received small letter with information. However, I didn't receive anything from PostNL. I think there was delivery accident on PostNL.

Anyway, if you send it to me again, I would very appreciate it.
If it is sent to me, please let me know the tracking no.
Thank you very much.



Reputatie 7

Hi @zeusno7,


When I get the details for your package, I'll let you know, either here or via private message on the community!


And I tried to call to customer service no : 0800-0092 3 times.
But I couldn’t contact call operator, even I waited for 40 min.


If you can’t send the Modem to me by Wednesday (28/Oct),

please cancel my subscription, so that I can contact another service provider.


These days I have to work at home, so I really need home internet urgently.
I didn’t get any update since I posted the first article.


Thank you.


Reputatie 7

Hi @zeusno7


No need to call our customer service, I just made sure the package is underway! You'll receive a track&trace soon. I expect you to have a notification by the end of this week. You can also check: My T-Mobile Thuis (by the end of this week it'll be updated!).