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  • 17 January 2021
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Good day! Our new place already has the necessary equipment and working fiber connection left from the previous owners of the house. I was able to connect to website and got the authentication popup asking for customer login and password, which I obviously don't have yet. I would like to get internet up ASAP as it's required for my WFH, but ordering through the website show the delivery date not sooner than 27th of January.


PS: Just got the popup with a questionnaire which blocked the whole page and I had to type most of this message again. 😓


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Hi @Nekroido ,

Great question! For a working internet connection to be made, an order needs to be placed. The connection still needs to be activated to work after all! 😊 Before you can enjoy your Internet, there’s still a couple of steps and work to be done. If you want, I can check what the possibilities are at your address. Please send me your zip code and house number via a private message. With those, I can help you further!