No internet after I tried to connect Tp link deco m5 directly to conventer

  • 5 February 2022
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Hi great community, 


I bought a tplink deco m5 mesh system to enhance my network. Tried to connect directly to internet converter while bypassing the tmobile Huawei router. I followed the all the instructions in tplink app, cut the old connection, power off the converter, then connect deco m5 with cable from converter and power both on. Successfully set up the WiFi But internet doesn't work though. 

Chose the connection type as dynamic IP. What shoud I do now to enable the internet connection? (also test my network it works via original Huawei router)

If have one know the next steps I should take that would be super helpful, WiFi setting stuff is really not my area, struggled with it already two days😂 I think this tplink deco m5 system should work for tmobile Internet since I saw some people successfully installed it, right? 


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Hello @Yanlin 

You can connect the Dexo M5 to the mediaconverter and follow the instructions as on this article :

Go to Advanced > IPTV/VLAN and enable it.

Connection type Dynamic IP, mode custom, VLAN id 300, priority 0 and enable 802.1Q tag.

It should work.