Mobile network 4g+/5G really bad since T-Mobile transition

  • 16 May 2024
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Hi... I've a s23 5G, live in Eindhoven - Gestel area... And since the transition from t-mobile to odido my mobile data (4g/4g+/5g) is really bad. I can't make a video call (WhatsApp for instance).. It is impossible to talk... 


And before the transition, I would do it all the time... Something I realized is that in speedtest from ookla, the download and upload responsiveness are quite high. Is that normal?




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Hello @jmscaramal 

Looking at the download speed and upload speed there shouldn't be any problems but you packet loss is 2.0% which can be the issue.

I have an Odido unlimited basis subscription and all is working well. Does internet improve when you are somewhere else in NL?

Not really... It doesn't matter where I am and if it is 4 or 5g... But before the transition, I have never had these issues... Not sure about what has changed... 

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Could you maybe test your simcard in another phone? A new Odido simcard can also be tried, you can order 1 via your Odido account.