Wifi point issue turned into lost of connectivity all caused by reset of the router thanks to bad customer service advice

  • 11 December 2021
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How come the customer service give you bad advices….!!!!!


I’m super disappointed in the customer service. I reached out for an wifi point connectivity issue that was happening with a new extender that I just had received. (I was loosing connection at night for some reason even though I could connect to the wifi I had no internet via the wifi point)

After a chat with Lotte from the customer service I was given a few advices. 1/reset everything = wifi point + router. 2/ connect the wifi point to the router via an ethernet cable.

First one was really recommended at the immediate solution to try out. What a disaster I reset the router and lost all internet connection. The 2nd and 3rd icon of my Zyxel t50 router are now off...

Reached out again to the customer service with no chance, they cant help me.

Any advices ? 

I feel like I shouldnt have listened to Lotte….


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I @blck_ml 

Love your story about Lotte (don’t feel offended). But Lotte is not a person but a bot giving stupid answers. So, as you’ve already learned. Don’t listen to her/it ;-)

Anyway, I can’t really help you with your wifi setup but if your Zyxel is not getting a link anymore that’s bad. That’s your main internet connection.

So, what I’d like to know, and probably other people over here who will try to help you, is the following:

  1. Are you using (A)DSL or fiber from t-mobile?
  2. Post a picture from the state your modem is in now.

The more information you give us, on a technical level, the beter we can help you. So feel free to expand.

hi @Marty_J 

haha no offense taken ! Well in my case Lotte is an actual person since I dont speak Dutch I was chatting with an agent also named Lotte..

anyway thanks for jumping on this! i shared pictures below it seems like the link is going on and off. 

we are using adsl I believe.

what i don’t understand is how a reset totally broke this internet. it should be like turning the router on and off right ? 

let me know if you need any other infos. 

thanks a bunch


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Hello @blck_ml 

According to the 2nd photo you have internet, is it working?

Is the modem comnected to the main ISRA in your house where the KPN cable is also connected?

hi @Waqqas 

should work but we dont have internet, we can see the wifi but there’s no connection.

yes we dont really have access since it connected through the walls but the cables haven’t changed since the reset


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Hi @blck_ml ,

Thanks for your messages! I've checked your details right away and noticed you've been able to contact our customer service as well. A technician is coming to make a visit to make sure the connection is restored. Please let us know how the appointment went. We're here for you!