Internet installation failed

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Yesterday (26th), I received my installation package and further the e-mail, that I could install the package on Wednesday 25th. I thus tried to install it.

I found three aansluitboxen previously installed (two in which to plug in the stekker that was in the package and one with a slot to connect the DSL cable. I tried installing the modem by connecting it to all in turn, and also removed one of the boxes to install the aansluitbox delivered with the package.

Independent of how I install it, the world symbol does not light up and not even blink, only the power and wifi symbols will light up constantly after a few minutes.

I also found a fourth cable which is composed of a black, red, blue and yellow cable. And there are multiple flats with my address an wih independent internet connections - I have no idea how you can differentiate between those.

I hope you can help me wih my problem and that I soon will finally have internet access.

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Can you figure out where those cables in the aansluitpunten are coming from? Looks like you have bridge taps in your home. Try and find the main cable that is entering your house/apartment. The ISRA connected to the main cable entering your house should only be connected with red and blue, orange  and white is an alternative. Other wires connected can cause problems.

I found a box where three thin grey cables are coming out, two lead to the boxes and one apparently to another room upstairs. My landlord just told me that the internet in this flat runs via phone lines by KPN - could that be the reason why it does not work?

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No, DSL internet comes through your telephone line but why are there 3 cables? Normally just 1 cable is needed and others can cause problems. Can you reach the point where those 3 cables are connected? Maybe you need to remove 2 cables (just remove wires which are connected). From the one cable try both one by one red/blue and orange/white. Use the DSL cable which came with the modem.

This is the box - I tried hard but I cannot open it.I could only cut off the cables. 

And you are certain that the internet connection is available for this room? There are various different flats under my address, the previous tenants had a contract with KPN and the t-mobile highspeed internet line of another tenant does not connect to this flat.

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This doesn't look like an ISRA, its getting a bit difficult for me too. I suggest to wait for a moderator to help you.

But you said you had a box where you can click your DSL cable in, how does it look?

I attached the left one from the package to the cable to which the same type had been installed, and there are two boxes like the right one installed.

According to the landlord, KPN medewerker had installed those such boxes to the central one for previous tenants

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Attach the DSL cable now from the DSL port of your modem to that box on the left and see what happens? There was a small problem with T-mobile ealiers, its resolved now. Maybe that was the case..

Still doesn't work, but thanks for your help!

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Hi @MKKM, let’s see if we can get you online! Could you send me a private message with the correct postal code and housenumber for the connection? And do you also have the housenumbers of the other apartments? Then I’ll see what I can find!

This seems to be the ISRA punt which I do not know how to open.

One cable seems to lead to the room above me (we use the same internet connection), one cable is connected to an old aansluitbox:


And the other one was also connected to a aansluitbox which I replaced: