Wifi not detected on laptop

  • 31 May 2023
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Guys, here’s the problem. My wifi is connected to android devices but my laptop is failing to even detect my wifi. the name doesn’t show up at all. any ideas?

I have tried resetting my connection, my laptop drivers, microsoft troubleshooters and what not.


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Does it display other wifi SSID's? 


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Hello @Talmeeza 

Do you have the Zyxel-T54?

What you can try is to login to the router via, under the WiFi instellingen turn off 5 GHz or go to the menu > netwerkinstellingen > draadloos > algemeen, choose WPA2-PSK as the beveiligingsmodus and click on toepassen.

If these tips don't work then go to the andere tab on the draadloos page, select WiFi b/g/n gemengd as 802.11 modus to turn off WiFi 6.

Ok. I have already tried the first two things. I'll try the third in a few minutes 

yes, sir. it worked. thanks for your kind support. kudos