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  • 30 May 2024
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I have been struggling with this issue since the start of this year.
Last year I have chosen the overstapservice to switch from KPN internet to Odido.
In January my contract with KPN ended. I have a one-month notice period email from KPN. The day contract ended, I was still using the KPN modem, for work from home, and at some point the connection was lost.
I realized, of course, KPN cut it since it was the last day of the notice period. So I pulled the new Odido modem out of the box, installed it and I was back online.
Didn’t make much of it, in my mind everything was the way it should’ve been until I discovered, about a month later, that I did not receive an invoice from Odido but from KPN.
Upon contacting both, I was told that Odido did not “cancel” the connection with KPN.
What “cancel” really meant I still do not know, since my internet with KPN was canceled. This is the fact I could easily confirm by switching modems.
Once the KPN modem is plugged in the connection is off and KPN customer service is unable to tell me what my assigned IP address is.  “whoismyisp dot org” would confirm that my ISP is Odido once Odido modem is plugged back in. This was all happening earlier this year while I was still in possession of the KPN modem.
KPN customer support would further insist, besides that my internet was not cancelled, but that I cannot cancel it myself due to overstapservice. And that the invoices will keep coming until the day Odido completes the overstapservice.
Multiple attempts with Odido: A customer representative would promise to do something. I would wait a week. KPN would tell me it’s still not canceled. I’d call Odido again and again until finally one day I receive an email it’s canceled.
The next invoice period, Odido sends me an invoice dating back in time, charging me retroactively.
While KPN, at the same time, sends me the last invoice, keeping all the charges up to that point, double charging me for the internet I paid Odido, and mind you, an important fact, for internet they, KPN, did not deliver in the said period.
I filed a request with my bank for a refund on unauthorized charges KPN made.
Today I have KPN threatening incassoburaeu. While with Odido, I have support case under number 70702315 since May 7th, that nobody responded to, and a klacht from two days ago, that, again, nobody responded to yet.
So here I am, here on the forums asking for help.
KPN blames you Odido. They don’t care whether they delivered any service since the notice period ended. For them that is completely irrelevant. They claim, it was Odido’s responsibility to complete the overstapservice on time. And they are after the money from the period after the notice period ended, up until the day Odido finally completed the overstapservice.
Will you do something about it Odido?

Tommie van Odido 1 maand geleden

Hi @very_agressive_meerkoet, welcome to our Community!

Thank you for sharing your experience. It does not seem to have gone well. I immediately got to work on your behalf and sent an email to our Overstap-team. I shared this message with them and asked if they could get in touch with KPN to resolve this. Hopefully we can resolve this properly for you. The Overstap-team are now looking into it for you! 

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Hi @very_agressive_meerkoet, welcome to our Community!

Thank you for sharing your experience. It does not seem to have gone well. I immediately got to work on your behalf and sent an email to our Overstap-team. I shared this message with them and asked if they could get in touch with KPN to resolve this. Hopefully we can resolve this properly for you. The Overstap-team are now looking into it for you! 

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I see that Customer Service has already refunded it to you @very_agressive_meerkoet! That's all we can do. Hopefully it's resolved properly. Have a great weekend!

Thank you @Tommie van Odido for the response.

Somebody from Odido support did call and left a message. I was not able to answer the call.

From the message I learn, that Odido now blames me for the whole mess. The person writes in their message, “You have no one to blame but yourself”.

The blame, they explain is for the fact that I installed the modem myself, instead of making an appointment with Guideon.

I have been living in Holland for 6 years. I had internet with Ziggo, XS4ALL, KPN, now Odido. Never have I had a technician install my modem for me. It used to be the rule, you try first to install the modem yourself. If something goes wrong, call, we’ll send someone to troubleshoot. You could not, I repeat, you could not get somebody, for example, from KPN to come and install your modem for you unless you made an attempt first and you still did not have the connection up. The KPN modem just before Odido, I had to install the modem and the little glasvezel/ethernet protocol converter myself. That little converter is so finicky to install and super easy to break the spool of fiber glass. And still you wouldn’t be able to get someone from KPN to come and do it instead, unless you completely messed it up first.

And now Odido is forcing me to pay, besides the installation costs, a penalty in the form of KPN bills.
I paid for installation costs back in January. I didn’t care much. Thought of it as a one of the cliche ways companies get a bit extra money out of consumers pockets, without providing any real value.

Where in the overstapservice does it say I am mandated to accept someone from Guideon?
I’ve never seen any. I swear, if that was clear to me, why would I choose to go through all this mess with KPN. At the time, it was perfectly logical. I don’t see anywhere that the whole process will fail if I install it myself. Guideon can’t install it for me even if I had them home. So why call them. KPN cut the connection. Odido activated theirs. My internet works. I did not see any problems.
The only thing that was always a problem is communication between Odido, KPN and myself.

All I remember from the overstapservice, was ‘hey let us handle the communication with your old provider so you don’t have to tell them of the switch’.
As I already mentioned above, the date of the new contract with Odido started, and it took me less then 10 minutes to install the thing with zero issues. And 7 out of those 10 minutes was my work on removing the old subnet from my home servers and setting up the new IP addresses on the subnet the new Odido modem comes out of the box.

Does somebody from Odido really think Guideon would configure a new subnet on my home hardware?
Of course not. These are my home linux servers I need for work, that only I have admin rights for, that after Guideon would install the new modem would still try to talk to the old modem from KPN and would stay offline until the IP lease expires which would be days later.
So what value do I get by having a guy from Guideon over?

I cannot stress this enough. Installation is not and should not be mandatory for obvious reasons.
And how was I supposed to know that your overstapservice would fail as a result. My internet worked. Nobody from Odido called. Not once to get an update. Not once. Why would I assume there was a problem in the making. You, Odido, should have the responsibility to communicate with the customer.
If I didn’t call in the end, once I noticed invoices from KPN, Odido would never have even found out that I am on the daily using their internet and that there is a problem. Not for decades to come. That fragile and unreliable this service.

After my complaint, I have an email from Odido saying the overstapservice is completed. All I am asking, get KPN to accept this same date as the end date for them. How can I have two confirmations from Odido and KPN about the same thing, with two dates which are two months apart. I asked Odido to make contact with KPN first time back in February. Odido never did.

To summarize, this is  my reality now:
Odido insists that the only thing they can do is refund two invoices. While KPN claims I owe them payments for two invoices. If I accept, I get 2x25eur from Odido (installation costs Odido keeps), while I pay KPN 2x75eur.
No matter how the conversation went these 5 months, Odido and KPN, whatever solution they offered,
I always somehow get to pay Guideon for installation and I get to pay KPN the difference 2x75 - 2x25 = 100eur out of my own pocket.

Do you understand how this looks? KPN somehow managed to get payed even after they stopped the service. Guideon managed to get payed even if they didn’t do any work. And Odido is generous even if they didn’t mess up the service, client did. Was the overstapservice a minefield from the start that I was bound to step on?

Odido, KPN, other ISPs, stop with this overstapservice nonsense. Overstapservice, whatever software you are using, has no information about the actual state of the internet connection. A customer is using your internet and your customer support team doesn’t even know about it. It’s advertised as a way for smooth transition between ISPs. Avoid double costs the ad claims. If it’s so why can’t you tell KPN when I started using your internet? How can it be, when I ask you Odido, when did my service start, you tell me one date. While, when I ask KPN, when did my service stop, they give me a date that is two months off. And coincidentally(sic!) a date that benefits them, not the customer. It’s a joke at best, scam at worst.

Even if we agreed, I installed the modem myself, and that derailed your overstapservice. Therefore I am the only one to blame, my horrible destructive behavior destroyed your delicate software. It still does not cease to baffle me the fact, that Odido has no problems overriding (so to speak) the overstapservice completion date. Which benefits them, the service starts on time. While KPN has so much problem with doing the same, adjusting the dumb software in such way to match the actual start of the new connection. Which, again I understand, accepting less money would motivate them to have a problem in doing so.

It’s simply not a solution Odido. Your refund. If KPN did not want to take me to court over this, I would’ve moved on long time ago. I wouldn’t be here on the forums asking for help. I cannot pay KPN  for internet in the two months that internet from them was cut off. I don’t think that KPN realizes that they will send someone from incassoburaeu in front of a judge to argue that charging money for a ceased service is a perfectly valid claim.
Get KPN to agree on the same version of reality you accepted. That the new service started in January and not two months later. It’s that simple. If your overstapservice software can say January so can KPNs.


The message from customer support that is mentioned above:

Unlike I understand the confusion but unfortunately you yourself are to blame. Odido should have done the installation of your modem and the fiber box. Because you failed to arrange the appointment with Guidion the service for terminating KPN was not triggered. Only on March the order from Guidion was put on completed and KPN was terminated. You refused the two months credit from Odido, but unfortunately, this is the best i can do for you. I will put te 2 months again in the system as a credit. Kind regards,

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Hi @very_agressive_meerkoet, I immediately checked it all! If I could have solved it somehow, I definitely would have. Of course I would like to tell you only good news, but this is not always possible. For now this is the only thing we can compensate for. Greetings, Ishana

Thank you @Ishana van Odido for stepping in, I appreciate it.

If that is the only thing Odido can do then why do I find this paragraph on consuwijzer dot nl:

“Krijgt u nu dubbele rekeningen doordat de nieuwe aanbieder het oude abonnement niet heeft opgezegd? Dan moet u helaas de rekening van uw oude aanbieder wel betalen. Uw oude aanbieder wist namelijk niet dat u wilde opzeggen en daardoor liep uw oude contract nog door. Maar uw nieuwe aanbieder moet deze extra kosten wel voor u vergoeden. Hij had beloofd de opzegging voor u te regelen, maar heeft dat niet gedaan.”

You are a member of degeschillencommissie aren’t you?

I should add some extra context for other Odido customers who might be reading this topic:

Odido and most other internet service providers use a piece of software for the overstapservice. KPN once told me over the phone the name of this software, but I forget.
Every customer (at least those under overstapservice) is identified here and for every customer there are stages through which the customer progresses.
For example: once you fill out the online form to sign up for the new internet service, you are in the first stage. This stage contains certain action steps, like send a customer an email containing a hyperlink to an online form where the customer can enter the details of the previous provider.
Once the form is completed, the action step is completed and it progresses either to the next action in the same stage or the next stage.
If a customer does not complete the said online form the progress either waits, or requires the internet providers’ employee to perform an action.
The whole purpose of this thing is to enable every internet service provider to switch customers in unified and efficient way, so everybody has access to the same information and most of the work is automated requiring no input from employees.
Now imagine what happens when the progress stops because one of the actions was not completed.
Like action which sends a customer an email informing the customer to schedule a modem installation appointment with Guidion.
For the progress  to advance to the next step the customer is required to complete the action.
Did the customer complete the action? No. Therefor the progress on this customer waits.
Now the internet service providers’ employee comes to work in the morning and they check if there are action steps that they need to perform. Under this particular action the software is configured in such way not to notify the employee and not to require them to take any actions as a consequence of the progress being stuck waiting.
Employee does not see any issues.
Further problem arises from the fact that this tool is agnostic to network administration that takes place.
A network administrator might have activated the internet connection for the stuck customer, but this tool has no way of knowing that fact. This tool was designed simply for customer support administration and not any technical network management.
As a result, the customer that behaved in a way that was not predicted by smart people who designed this tool, is stuck in one of the stages.
And only does the completion of the very last stage inform the previous provider of the activation of the new connection. And only does the completion of the last stage inform the finance department to start producing the invoices for the new customer. These two actions being the action steps between the integrated software tools. Everything nicely automated. No human input required. Quarterly earnings optimized.
As simple and stupid as this, anyone can subscribe to a new service, not complete an action and thanks to network admins use the new service without ever getting billed for it. The information customer support team has is that the connection is not active and since their work is “heavily optimized”, they do not react to most causes customer progress gets stuck. If the overstap software doesn’t create an action for the employee, the employee will not check on the new customer. Customer is typically the one who first reacts to the problem.
Corporate greed and bad software (that probably comes at insane prices per employee a month, so again just another form of corporate greed) at work again, making people angry and courtrooms/degeschillencommissies busy.

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The thing is, you didn't follow the installation proces where a Guidion engineer is mandatory. By only connecting the equipement yourself and disregarding the email to make an appointment, the order was not successfull delivered with all the administation which Guidion does after a connection of a new subscription. 

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Hi @very_agressive_meerkoet, the reason that the Overstapservice did not work the way that it was supposed to is indeed because you did not make an appointment with Guidion to complete the installation. We have communicated in several different emails that Guidion will come to install the Fiber for you. As you have quoted yourself from the consumentenwijzer, it says that you still have to pay for the contract of the old provider. We have now refunded the extra costs that were made with us in that period so that this way you will only have paid for one contract in that time period so you don't have double costs. If something is still unclear, please let me know!