Problem with replenishing extra 5GB data after running out of 150GB in my bundle

  • 28 September 2021
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I am having problems when I want to top up additional 5gb for my 4g voor thuis subscription and have to use hotspot from my phone right now… after clicking for top up for 0Eur and filling in the captcha I get this message                                  The bundle could not be added

Please try again or contact Customer Service.
Can someone help me please? 
Kind Regards
O. Jesensky
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Have you tried to add a 5GB bundle via the app and via the website?

I have tried both website and app on my phone, when I try it via app it says The MB add-on could not be added please try again later.

Nevermind, after midnight it started working which is weird, I can top it out now via website or app without problem. Thanks for help tho!

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This is not a bug, it's a feature :-)


This mostly happens when you try to replenish your bundle before you get to zero.


You can add 5GB each day as longs as your initial 500GB isn’t used up. AFter that, you can ONLY add new 5GB after you reached zero.